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Free Bonus 1 – This download ‘Mindfulness’ (worth £10.95) courtesy of international best selling self-help author Glenn Harrold, is a 23-minute meditation that will help you to learn the empowering skill of anchoring yourself in the present moment, something which can be very beneficial in maintaining Sobriety.  Glenn will encourage you to focus your attention on your breathing as you notice any sensations or feelings as they occur. You will then be guided through a beautiful visualisation by a lake which will help you to become aware of individual thoughts, and let them go without judgement.

Whenever you feel worried, anxious or stressed you can learn to simply notice your thoughts as they come and go. When you observe each thought from a distance, rather than getting caught up in it, you will naturally find this releases you from the cycle of anxiety and worry.

Free Bonus 2 – Sobriety can be a roller coaster journey, but also a fun one! When I became sober there were moments when I was temped to sway from the path for many reasons – including self doubt. This exclusive audio download ‘How I stay Motivated’ will I hope inspire you to keep on track and to create the life you love without the booze.


Free Bonus 3 – Our fantastic relaxation Hypnosis audio ‘De-Stress Your Life’ (worth £9.99) courtesy of Hypnotherapist Ailsa Frank. It lasts just 10 minutes so you can use it as often as you like and the techniques will help offload your negative habits and addictive patterns and give you a more positive outlook.


Free Bonus 4 – Eating well is critical for optimum health and wellbeing, but never more important than the first few weeks of sobriety.  Janey has teamed up with a US nutritionist to create The Sober Club’s Clean Eating Plan, (worth £29.99), a 4 week plan to encourage you away from processed foods and sugar and towards nutrient dense, clean foods that will support your recovery.



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