Tuesday 8th December 7pm – 9pm on ZOOM.

Join us for a Sober Christmas Coaching Session FREE for all Sober Club members!

(If you’re already a member, you’ll receive your invitation in a few days time. If not, but you would like to find out more about joining the Club, just click the link at the bottom of this page!)

Worried about old ‘triggers’ popping up, how to deal with inlaws, family, friends and the voice in your own head? …then join us!

  • We will look in depth at how you prep ahead, identify the triggers that may come up for you, and learn how to navigate them feeling positive and strong.
  • Tips and techniques to dealing with the pressures of family and friends
  • How can you incorporate self-care into the season of ‘giving’
  • How do you maintain your health goals without being a kill-joy (spoiler alert you can have some Christmas treats!)
  • What to drink instead of alcohol, the lowdown on the best festive drinks and snacks
  • Plus we will bring in the power of NLP to help you feel positive and strong about the festive season.   (Janey is a trained NLP practitioner and will guide you through some fun simple exercises to help you feel strong and confident)
  • Plenty of time for discussion and Q and A and the coaching part of the session will be recorded for you to listen at a later date.

Let’s finish 2020 strong!  If this is your first Sober Christmas you might be feeling a bit wobbly, even if you have rocked a Sober Christmas before you may have other stresses piled on due to the fact that it’s been a weird old year   I’ve had several coaching clients who feel solid in their decision not to drink alcohol but they are fearful as to how its going to feel when they put up the Christmas tree, crack open the presents, sing carols on Christmas Eve (we allowed to sing?) So many holiday memories have strong associations with alcohol so how to ‘tame’ the thoughts that pop up to ensure that we will feel strong and boss a sober Christmas, not just ‘getting through it’ but loving every minute.

Bring your own alcohol free festive drink and feel free to wear a party hat!

Not a member yet? Find out more about becoming a member of the Sober Club and joining in with this exclusive event. just click the button below!


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