These daft faces do sum up the joy, amazement and suprise that I could ever have done this in the first place!

4 years sober today 30.12.21

This was the day 4 years ago that I finished Clare Pooley’s book The Sober Diaries and knew it was time.

Why wait till Jan 1st? I didn’t really look much beyond ‘Dry January’, but I definitely had a different mindset, because for the first time, I had seen a glimpse of another better life without booze.

Before that it had always been just the agony of feeling deprived, of not being able to have what I wanted.  My life was consumed by thoughts of alcohol, buying it, drinking it, recovering, planning, agonizing over ‘giving up’, awful FOMO, berating myself, trying to moderate….it was exhausting!

As I’m sure you aware, it changed my life, literally, and my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. 

Since then I’ve done two and a bit years of Alcohol Free Life podcasts, given a TEDx talk Sobriety Rocks – Who Knew! Started The Sober Club  and of course written my own book, which I hope will kick start someone’s  alcohol free journey just as The Sober Diaries did for me, and offer some holistic health stuff too!

Thank you again to those of you who have bought my book, The audio version is out now!  Happy Healthy Sober – Ditch the booze and take control of your life,  Buy here or go to The Sober Club shop and order a signed copy.

Just to blow my own trumpet for a second (I do tell ya’ll to big yourself up!) one member wrote on our facebook group…

Thanks for the continued inspiration and keeping sober fresh with constant reasons to stay on track and reminders that it just keeps on getting better! Thanks for having the courage to do this so publicly and for helping make this journey so accessible. And above all, thanks for letting your light shine brightly so the rest of us could see where to go E.C

That really is my wish, to try and inspire you whatever stage you are at, to follow your own authentic path,

Is it your Day 1?

Day 1?  Doing Dry January?  Whatever the date,  start the first day of the rest of your best life NOW. 

We’ve got your back, we really have, there is SO much support in our membership group, from the online course Get the Buzz without the Booze, (if you are ‘starting again’ go back to lesson one and determine your BIG WHY), through to guided meditations, experts on all aspects of health and wellbeing, and of course the connection in our private facebook group.

There are still some spaces left for our online event on Sunday to help you get clarity on what you want..

Setting your (sober) intentions for 2022
Join us for a zoom online workshop on Sunday 2nd Jan 2022 at 10.45 UK time, we will start with a session with William Porter author of Alcohol Explained on how we can stick to what we really choose, and beat any cravings, and then we will focus on letting go, and embracing our authentic selves for the coming year, sometimes its tough to step into a new ‘sober identity’!  I will be using NLP techniques, perhaps some EFT and we will close with a meditation, you can join for all or some of it.  The idea is to leave you feeling totally motivated for the year ahead.

Please bring your coffee, AF drinks or snacks (we will take breaks too) and a new journal (treat yourself, see below)
Tickets are £7.50 and funds go to our Sober Club Giveback fund

Register here, if you then can’t make it you will be sent the recording

The Sober Club 12 week Health Journal
Its good to write by hand! Its good to keep track of what you want and why, and its great to release your thoughts onto paper, check out the journal, if ordered they will be posted, but sadly due to current issues with post they can’t be guaranteed to arrive before 2nd Jan, please note the price of the journals is going up in the New Year as the postage costs have more than doubled.

Start the new year as the NEW SOBER YOU, you won’t regret it.


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