Now that you have ditched the booze.…(or once you free from the alcohol trap.)
What will your new ‘addiction’ be?

What hits the spot?
It may seem a bit facetious, as though I am encouraging destructive addictive behaviour, and trying to persuade you to new ‘bad’ habits, but the reality is most of us do have ‘addictive’ traits, as humans we seek pleasure, and usually we want that in the form of a ‘quick fix’. That’s why so many people self soothe with alcohol, cigarettes, sugar, porn or wasting money on stuff we don’t need.

The truth is, most of us need something to ‘scratch the itch’, to support our desire to ‘feel better’ quickly, and we may as well find a new healthy ‘addiction’ that hits the spot.

So what is your go-to?  What do you turn to when you want to bounce back from being in a funk? What are the resources that work for you every time?

For many of us its getting out into nature, walking in greenery is good for the soul!  Sitting with your back on a tree and soaking up the healing energy is hard to beat, and of course walking by the sea is fabulous for blowing the cobwebs and changing your mood.

Some people turn to yoga, or running, or doing a vigorous workout, and some people find a wonderful new ‘addiction’ in creativity, knitting, scrapbooking, painting or sewing.

Saying affirmations out loud can be a super quick new habit to get accustomed to, picking out an angel card or a positivity card can be a quick way to refocus our attention.

Maybe you are someone who likes Angel Cards, if that isn’t for you, try the v mainstream
Little box of positivity cards,  its a lovely way to refocus.

Whatever you land upon as your new ‘addiction’ make sure its easily accessible to you, While walking by the sea is definitely my fave resource, I don’t live there, so its important to have something else for when I want to bring in some joy.

Last Tuesday at 2222 on 22222 (I know right!) we did a lovely meditation and focused on what we wanted more of in our life.  One member said she wanted to smile more.  Sounds simple doesn’t it, but what a beautiful new ‘addiction’, she had already discovered  that when she did smile at someone, it seemed to make their day too. Most of us could use a bit more playfulness in our lives, its easy and free to smile, we just have to remember!

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