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If  you’re on this page you should have received links to all your downloads for the Clean Eating Plan on your email, and also your store receipt. If you have any problems downloading, please let us know. I hope this plan will help you to cope with all the cravings that sobriety can bring and keep you on the road to the new you. If you’re a Sober Club Member let us know how you’re doing on the FB group!

Eating well is critical for optimum health and wellbeing, but never more important than the first few weeks of sobriety.  The Sober Club’s Clean Eating Plan is a 4 week plan to encourage you away from processed foods and sugar and towards nutrient dense, clean foods that will support your recovery.

The plan includes recipes, a shopping list and suggested meal plan with the emphasis on good ‘clean’ food, and eating protein with every meal. Food can literally help you regulate your brain chemistry but sometimes we can be lacking in inspiration, so it’s all here for you, a breakdown of what foods are good, and how we can eat plenty of variety and move towards optimum health.

Please note this covers all diets, lots of recipes do include meat, so obviously if you are vegetarian and vegan please adapt these ideas to suit.

Happy (Clean eating) Sobriety!




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