The Sober Club – Frequently asked Questions

What is The Sober Club?

It’s an online community packed full of resources and inspiration. We know that the opposite of addiction is connection and we want to connect likeminded people to keep each other accountable and offer support, inspiration and motivation for you to move on and live your best life. The emphasis will be on health and wellbeing.

What do I get for my money?

You get access to our Get the Buzz without Booze 90 day online course, this comes with a workbook for you to track your progress, we have an ever growing library of resources,  sessions with Janey,  Q and A sessions in the facebook group, Mastermind Sessions, social zoom meet ups or sessions on a specific topic around health and wellbeing and mindset, an opportunity to share your story in our featured members, and you become a member of our facebook community. There will be added bonus interviews from Janey’s podcasts and exclusive member offers and discounts from brands and specialists.

Most of all you stay connected…and inspired!

Do I get access to Janey?

There are lots of opportunities to connect, Janey will offer Q and A’s in the fb group and comments in the group a lot, she will offer  trainings via zoom and you can always message her
Please note this isn’t one to one coaching, Janey does offer that separately. If you sign up for one year, you get a short 1-1 call included.

I’m not sure if this group is for me…

This group and the course within are perfect for you if you are thinking of ditching the booze or you have already changed your relationship with alcohol and want ongoing motivation and inspiration to live your best life. It doesn’t matter if you have been sober 1 day or 6 years it’s all about focusing on great health and wellbeing moving forward. The course and the information within the club is aimed at those people who are generally healthy and functioning well but are just drinking more than they want to, (the term used is often ‘grey area drinking’) it’s not for those who are alcohol dependent and require medical intervention to quit drinking. It’s really important to note that if you think that may be you, it’s very dangerous just to stop!

Please note: We encourage involvement in our private fb group but its not essential.  If you do decide to join us though, please note we don’t allow promotions or private messaging within the group. If you wanted to message another member please do so via Janey

Will there be any in person events?

Yes. We regularly offer one day Sober by the sea events, and retreats. Keep an eye on the ‘Events’ section on the website.

Can I leave the group at any time?

Yes of course. To cancel your subscription;
Login to
Click ‘My Account’
Then select ‘My Subscriptions’ from the left hand column, then click ‘Cancel’ in the right hand box.

You will see a notification for ‘Cancellation Pending’. This means that no further payments will be taken, and your membership account is now cancelled, but you can still use it  until the end of your current payment cycle. We ask that you remove yourself from the facebook group if our admin team doesn’t do that. Thank you!  We are always sad to see members leave, but you are welcome back!

After that, you can still continue to tune into all the free elements on The Sober Club website – the podcast, blogs, and free resources. Also you’ll still be on our list to receive emails, but if you’d prefer not to receive these, just click ‘unsubscribe’ when one arrives, and you’ll be removed entirely from our database. Don’t forget… we’d love to welcome you back at any time.!

Please take a moment to read at our T&C’s and Privacy Policy in the link below


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