Do you believe in yourself?  Have you ever stopped to look at your limiting beliefs?

Our beliefs impact every single decision we make and of course most of entirely subconscious and necessary for us to function,  it’s important for us to ‘believe’ and trust that the door will open when we try the handle, that our feet will be supported on the earth when we walk, that our voice will be heard when we speak…without questioning or consideration.  But other beliefs are not necessarily helpful to us, though they are deeply ingrained.

So many of us heard at an early age that we ‘weren’t good enough’  Whether it was a parent, a teacher or another child it’s easy to process what may have been a relatively harmless comment into something negative that stays with us.  Many people believe ’I’m not good with money’  ‘I’m not a morning person’ and of course…’I need alcohol to have fun’

But beliefs are not facts, there is usually no evidence to support them until we create the evidence for ourselves, we carry on drinking perhaps, as we say…’See I told you I just can’t function with alcohol’  We miss deadlines and opportunities while we blame our ‘lack of ability to get up early’ and we ‘self-sabotage’ ourselves on many levels as we continue to believe we ‘aren’t enough’

Most of us are held back by our limiting beliefs’ and its usually due to fear.  There is an innate fear of what might happen if we stepped outside of our comfort zone and challenged our own limiting beliefs.

What if we fail?  What if we faced that fear of not being good with money, and then lost out on an investment? What if we found the courage to start a new career and found it wasn’t what we were expecting, What if we committed to living our best lives without the booze and then found everything wasn’t rosy? (Because real life still happens!) 

What if there was no such thing as failure – only experience?

I’d love to challenge is to uncover one of your own limiting beliefs and ask yourself is it really true? Can you step out of your comfort zone and do something you were afraid of?

As the now ancient book by Susan Jeffers says

Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway!

In The Sober Club we have some videos and trainings on EFT (emotional freedom technique. Tapping on specific meridian points has been scientifically proven to help with a whole range of physical and emotional issues and is great for helping to release negative patterns of thinking. If you aren’t already a member check it out, there’s a wealth of info in our MIndset buzz section


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