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Have you considered coaching to help you overcome challenges, move forward, reach your goals and step into your full potential?

Having someone to ‘hold the vision’ for you makes such a difference, especially if you are making a behaviour change and I wanted to train other people in these principles of Sober Club coaching as it offers SO much more than ‘just not drinking’, its about helping the client uncover their inner wisdom.

The Sober Club Accredited coaches all have different niches, but all work in a totally non-judgemental way, they use a range of modalities and tools to help their clients break through fear, help them get back to who they really are, their authentic self, and help them get their mojo back, find their motivation – create the life that they don’t feel the need to escape from.

Please contact coaches individually.

Directory of Sober Club Accredited Coaches

Janey Lee Grace

Amazon No 1 Best-selling author, speaker, and presenter on BBC Radio 2 and UK Health Radio. Her latest book ‘Happy Healthy Sober – Ditch the Booze and Take Control of Your Life’  encourages everyone to look again at their relationship with alcohol. After ditching the booze Janey launched a podcast ‘Alcohol Free Life’ focusing on sober self-care, she gave a TEDx talk Sobriety Rocks – Who Knew! in July 2019 and launched The Sober Club a membership portal and community for people who are committed to sobriety and want to ‘upscale’ their life without the booze and focus on health and well-being.

Janey can kick-start and help guide you, whether you are at the start of your sober journey, or want to focus on great nutrition, positive mindset, self-care, or finding your purpose, she can help ‘fine tune’ you to be empowered to live your best life underpinned by sobriety. 

Janey offers 1-1 coaching and is trained as a Grey Area drinking Recovery Coach, Level 2 in EFT, Matrix Re-imprinting and a Practitioner in NLP and Family Constellations work.

Anneka Reece

Anneka is an accredited IIN (Institute of Integrative Nutrition) Coach and Sober Coach. Anneka helps clients build their dream lives by letting go of limiting beliefs and stepping into their true power.

Her own experiences of drinking and not drinking brought Anneka to discover in her 20’s the huge impact alcohol has on our vibrations and on our manifesting power.

“I bring together spirituality, health coaching and sober coaching to give clients a holistic road map to manifesting happiness” – Anneka


Becky Fausset

Becky is an accredited NCS (National Counselling Society) Person Centred Counsellor and Sober-Coach. Becky works with clients in both her Counselling and Sober-coaching practice supporting them to change their relationship with alcohol, celebrate their strengths and in doing so discover their authentic selves. Prior to this Becky worked as a homeless support worker for 25 years giving her a deep understanding of how mental health and substance use issues impact on peoples’ lives.

As a sober-coach she supports grey-area drinkers through a tailor-made package of support specifically for that individual. Through her counselling practice she works with clients on a therapeutic level around issues that maybe holding them back from getting sober

Facebook and Instagram – Becky Fausset counselling

Charlotte Phipps

Charlotte is a Clinical Solution Focused Brief Hypnotherapist and Sober Coach. She helps clients with a range of complaints such as Anxiety, depression, OCD, eating disorders, addiction, sleep issues, and PTSD. Her work as a sober coach comes from a personal journey into sobriety and a passion for helping others to achieve the same lifestyle. “clients came to me with Anxiety and we quickly identified the role of alcohol in their suffering which is why I decided to train with Janey as a Sober Coach to add to my therapist toolbox”.

@hypnohelpclinic (Instagram and Facebook)

Christine Coulson

Christine specialises in helping healthcare professionals reassess their relationship with alcohol through focused sobriety coaching. 

As a Radiographer working within the NHS, Christine understands first-hand the pressures of working in the current healthcare climate; she uses her passion for sobriety to show clients who are concerned about their drinking that there is another way.  Together, she can help you find Your Sober Path.

Claire Godwin

Claire helps professional women in their 30’s and 40’s find the confidence, motivation and sass to go for anything from a promotion to starting a business. Self-limiting beliefs get in the way of achieving potential and alcohol can play a part in this.

Claire is a Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner and Accredited Sober Coach – she also loves a good curry and animal print clothes!

Ready for your brave new you?

Contact Claire – 

Deborah Davison

Debs has been in the wellness industry working at a UK based top health retreat for 16 years as the resident wellness coach, NLP master and clinical hypnotherapist helping clients to make positive changes, reduce stress and become healthier versions of themselves. 

After her own transformational journey of ditching the booze and taking her own wellbeing onto another level, she trained as a Sober Coach with Janey to inspire and help others do the same. Debs offers 1:1 online sober coaching.

Dupe Witherick

Dupe is an Alcohol Free Wellbeing and Transformational Coach. Thrive Alcohol Free provides coaching packages to professional working women who are “normal” drinkers but questioning their relationship with alcohol, know there is more to life and think alcohol is potentially holding you back.  Since becoming alcohol free and seeing the changes in her life, Dupe truly believes becoming alcohol free is a super power and makes you brave! Getting rid of this one thing allows you to live the most amazing life.


She will help you to thrive, reach your full potential and live your best life alcohol free and cheer you along the way!

Gillian Cockburn

Gillian is a Life Coach, Accredited Sober Coach and Certified Facilitator of The Passion Test and Mastery of Self-Love Programs.  Combining them brings a unique coaching approach that helps you to stop using alcohol as a crutch just to get through the day – release what’s weighing you down and then learn how to create a life with clarity, energy, purpose, and passion. 

Gillian settled back in Scotland after 23 years in Canada.  At 55 & 2.5 years sober, Gillian’s gone back to school!  She is currently studying Psychology at Open University.   

“Being sober opens up a whole new world of opportunities!”


Janet Hadley

Janet specialises in helping professionals to find joy by resetting their relationship with alcohol through her 101 Days to Sober Programme.

As an NLP Practitioner and Accredited Sober Club Coach, Janet uses a combination of one to one coaching, online resources and group Sober Socials to offer a comprehensive support package that guarantees you’ll reach 101 alcohol free days, or you money back.

Find out more at

Karen Snushall


Karen provides coaching to those who wish to have non-judgmental support whilst navigating life’s challenges. NLP trained Practitioner and Sober Coach working with clients to increase self-worth, ensuring positive changes can take place. She has worked with teenagers helping them deal with their feelings, self-identity, anxiety and fears, and face day to day life with more confidence.  

Contact Karen for a free no obligation chat.

Kris Botterill 

Heart-led healing using Reiki, Crystals and Retreats.


Kris is an experienced therapist specialising in energy work to help you overcome whatever is stopping you from reaching your potential. Offering Reiki, Reflexology, Organic facials and Massage. Kris can guide you to, and ethically source crystals to realign body and mind. She brings together a network of experienced specialists in fields such as sound bathing, bodywork and meditation techniques, with whom she can co-ordinate exclusive, soulful and sober retreat experiences for small groups, all tailored to your needs. She is Reiki attuned to Master level and can also offer small group learning to Reiki Levels 1, 2 and 3.

Please note… Sober Club Accredited coaches have undertaken training with The Sober Club, but work independently and are not employees of The Sober Club. The Sober Club or Janey Lee Grace cannot be held responsible or accountable for any issues arising from working with an independent accredited coach.

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