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The Sober Club Clean Eating Plan

Eating well is critical for optimum health and wellbeing, but never more important than the first few weeks of sobriety.  Janey has teamed up with a US nutritionist to create The Sober Club’s Clean Eating Plan (worth £29) a 4 week plan to encourage you away from processed foods and sugar and towards nutrient dense, clean foods that will support your recovery. Please note – this covers all diets, lots of recipes do include meat, so obviously if you are vegetarian and vegan please adapt these ideas to suit.


Glenn Harrold – Mindfulness

 This download ‘Mindfulness’ (worth £10.95) courtesy of international best selling self-help author Glenn Harrold, is a 23-minute meditation that will help you to learn the empowering skill of anchoring yourself in the present moment, something which can be very beneficial in maintaining Sobriety.  Glenn will encourage you to focus your attention on your breathing as you notice any sensations or feelings as they occur. You will then be guided through a beautiful visualisation by a lake which will help you to become aware of individual thoughts, and let them go without judgement.

Enlightening Numerology with Jo Soley

Sobriety can mean new doors are opened for you in your personal and professional life. Jo will connect you to the energies of numbers by showing you how the energies of the numbers affect us on a daily basis, share what numerology is and isn’t, and will show you how to calculate your life path number, what this means and how to harness this energy in your life.

Happy Birthday Sober Club from The Wise Bartender! 

Wise Bartender is a fabulous on-line resource for non alcololic drinks. Here’s a special 10% discount code for the Sober Club members goody bag on any purchaces from their fabulous Alcohol free range. Offer expires in 48 hours so hurry!

Discount code: SOBER10


An exclusive Meditation from Beverley Densham. 

Bev is an angel expert and author of ‘I talk to Angels’, and has recorded this exclusive ‘Sobriety Happiness Meditation’ with the Angels . Take eight minutes out for some lovely selfcare!

Nicki Williams Hormone balancing guide for women over 40

With the clarity that Sobriety brings, sometimes underlying health problems that have been ignored can tap you on the shoulder! Could there be an issue with your hormones? Award winning nutritionist, author, speaker and  leading expert in women’s health and hormones, Nicki is the founder of Happy Hormones for Life, helping women of all ages to rebalance their hormones, reclaim their health and feel better than ever


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