The benefits of healing touch cannot be overestimated. Some favourites you may want to try include;



Deep Tissue Massage

Crania sacral therapy

Bowen technique


Lymphatic Drainage


Any ‘touch therapy that resonates with you will be beneficial.  Try and get a recommendation for a practitioner.  If you don’t have a personal recommendation goes to the Federation of Holistic therapists  to find someone in your area.

Here is a description of a couple of lesser known ‘energy healing’ treatments that I have found especially beneficial.

Tui Na Massage

TUI NA comes from the Chinese words for ‘Push’ and ‘Grasp’.  It is an ancient form of Chinese massage and manipulation that will ‘rock ‘n roll’ your pain away. It is an intense, deep and powerful massage done over cotton clothes, working on the acupuncture points to stimulate the flow of the body’s energy channels.  Like acupuncture it can release the body’s natural endorphins, inducing pain relief and the ‘feel good’ factor. It is very effective in the treatment of many types of pain from neck and shoulder pain, sciatica through to migraines, stress and general health and wellbeing

The amazing practitioner I saw was Nadia Smith in Herefordshire. Nadia also offers the unique…

TRE “Trauma Release Exercise”

This  is a method which is part of our human self-healing mechanism, and which mammals use all the time to clear stress from dangerous situations from their body – and the way they do this is by shaking, trembling, or tremoring. Something most of us have witnessed in our pets, like dogs and cats for example.  This is a natural process which calms the animal down in order to resume normal life activities, hence restoring their system to their natural and balanced state.

These involuntary reactions are triggered by the autonomous nervous system (our “background operating system”) which regulates our breathing, blood circulation, heart beat, hormone production, and all the rest of our organ functions.   The ‘founder’ David Berceli devised a set of six exercises to activate the major muscle groups of the legs and the core of our body – especially as the psoas muscles are the only muscles which connect the spine directly to the thigh bones.  These exercises may trigger off trembling or shaking in your legs or the rest of the body, which is the body’s expression of releasing deep-seated tension, and normal.  The sensations you will experience are usually very pleasant and strange, and the best of all is that you will feel very relaxed afterwards!


Pronounced Kin-easy-ology, it means ‘study of movement’. The word comes from the Greek word kinesis, which means motion, and ology, which means the study of. It is believed that, by interpreting the energy flow within key body-systems, we can gain useful information about the body’s physiological and biochemical status.

Kinesiology works on the basis that in order to have total health, we must look at the person as a complete whole. Factors that affect the physical body will not only have an effect on other parts of the body but will have an effect on the mind and emotions too. For example, chronic back pain could lead to a person feeling depressed and by the same token, excessive worry could contribute to the development of a stomach ulcer or digestive problems.   Kinesiology makes use of muscle testing techniques to monitor the flow of energy throughout the body on a very fine level. The practitioner can identify the factors which may be disrupting the natural flow of energy, which are essential to good health, based on the principle that muscles are related to meridian energy lines. Meridians are channels which follow certain life force energy, known as a Chi.

Kinesiologist’s are like “health detectives” who can uncover the root of your health problems, and when we pinpoint the cause of your problem, we can give your body the tools to heal itself naturally.

The (incredible) therapist I see regularly is Miriam Kimche.



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