The Sober Club Accredited Coach Training

Recommended Resources for Coaches

How to Market Yourself Personally and Professionally

This is a 12-part step by step on-line Video Course with downloadable workbooks to teach you how to become your own best PR, and get you seen, heard and sold in the modern marketplace. Here’s the link to access it;

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please insert and apply the coupon code  HTMYFULL at the checkout to get the 100 per cent discount.  (Please don’t share this code with anyone else.)

NLP Representational Systems Test

In NLP we talk a lot about our ‘preferences’ and how we can get to know ourselves and our clients personality traits and preferences. Take the Representational Quiz to determine your preferences.

Go to the Quiz HERE

The Four Tendenices Gretchen Rubin

Great Book The Four Tendencies Take the quiz

Determine your learning style and purpose

Richard Rudd’s  quiz Gene Keys, looks at how you can determine your own learning style, your preferences. Complete this quick profile, bit like astrological chart, SO accurate!

NLP with Jo Creed

Online Session with Janey and Jo on the benefits of NLP techniques with your clients. and the Neurological Level of Change Model. There is an accompanying PDF HERE

Real life Coaching Session with Janey and a Client

An AUDIO example of a real life coaching session with Janey. Unusually its in two parts, as the client’s phone died, but ‘part 2’ after some time elapsed was v interesting!  HERE

Additional information/resources to support your Sobriety Coaching

HERE ‘Where Nutrition links to Sobriety’ – Janey and Dale Pinnock Interview transcript.

HERE for ‘How alcohol affects the body’ Some useful reading and studies on alcohol miss-use

HERE for Sober Coach Training – Stages of Change

HERE for The dangers of artificial sweeteners

HERE for Sing Your Own Praises – an exercise to be reminded of your worth

HERE for Checklist for a Media Ready PR Kit


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