The Sober Club Accredited Coach Training

Guest Expert Sessions

Cross Addictions – with William Porter

Janey speaks with William on Cross addictions including Group Q&A

Enid Taylor on Gut Health

How does alcohol impact on Gut Health, and how can we encourage our clients to good digestive health.

Vlogging for Business

Janey talks to Mi Elfverson from the Vlogging Academy on vlogging for your business

The Art of Copywriting

Leading copywriting expert Esther Nagle share some tips on marketing and how to attract clients with your emails 

NLP- Limiting Beliefs

Janey talks to Jo Creed on using NLP for limiting beliefs, including Q&A with Coaches

Go HERE for Video Transcript of ‘Supporting Clients with Nutrition Basics’ with Janey Lee Grace and Dale Pinnock.

William Porter Q&A

Janey talks to William Porter author of ‘Alcohol Explained’ including coaches Q&A

Annabel Kaye on your Client Contracts (incl Q&A from Group 2 Coaches)

The lowdown on important legal docs needed for your Coaching Business

Catherine Watkin – Heart Centered Sales

Catherine Watkin is a leading expert in sales, and teaches us how to pitch, price and sell from the heart 

Catherine Watkin – Heart Centered Sales – Members Q&A (from Group 2 Coaches)

Q&A from the above session


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