The future isn’t planned – its imagined!  What are you imagining for 2022?

This online event is open to non members too. Join us Sunday 2nd Jan 2022 at 10.45 (UK time) for a 2.5 hour (approx) Zoom session on Setting your Intentions for the New Year, with special guest William Porter author of Alcohol Explained.  This is perfect for you if you are sober curious, just starting out with Dry January, or have been sober for months or years, as we will deep dive into focusing on beating cravings, setting your intentions, stepping into a new identity, and how to use NLP techniques and EFT tapping to reduce stress and anxiety and be your authentic self.

Bring your coffee, snacks  or AF tipple of choice, (we will take breaks!) a notebook and pen (treat yourself to a lovely new journal such as The Sober Club Health Journal ) and an idea of what you might want to release and what you want to focus on for new year.  We know that resolutions don’t work, usually we set ourselves up to fail, instead we will set intentions, perhaps choose a word or phrase for the year,  We will focus on selfcare, gratitude and optimum health and wellbeing.

There will time for Q and A and we will finish with a short meditation to release what we no longer need and welcome in the energy of a new year of optimum wellbeing.

Tickets are limited and cost £7.50 Register here

All funds from this event will go to The Sober Club Giveback Fund to help those who can’t afford to continue with their membership or coaching, but if you can’t pay its no problem just drop me a message.


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