Tapping into Freedom - The Secrets of Sustainable Sobriety
Online Group Coaching Programme with Janey Lee Grace


Are you Sober Curious? Making the decision to quit the booze? (The best decision you will ever make!)

Have you already started but are finding it tough to stay motivated?  

Learn the Secrets of Sustainable Sobriety (incorporating Alcohol Free with EFT) with this new online 3 week group coaching programme…





Have you been sober for a while but are now getting the ‘calling’ of the wine witch again? Did you have a long stint of sobriety, but have found yourself back in the alcohol trap?

There is no doubt, the early days, weeks and months can be tough, everything around us conspires to encourage us to drink alcohol, our unconscious minds are programmed to associate alcohol with having fun, feeling relaxed, more confident et al.

The reality is Sobriety Rocks!, it’s liberating to be free from the alcohol trap and we absolutely CAN get free, but we need to let our unconscious mind know that! That’s why being constantly reminded of the benefits of ditching the booze is so important; staying inspired and connected makes all the difference. Knowing how to ‘self coach’ using inspirational tools and techniques can be a game changer. It’s not only about ‘not drinking’, it’s creating a life you don’t want to escape from!

They say it takes 21 days to ‘cement’ new habits, in this group coaching programme which includes three live online sessions and Q&A with me, you will learn invaluable tips, tools and strategies to tap into the best ways that you can curb the cravings, stay inspired, beat the sober shamers, and lay the foundations for being alcohol free.

When you work 1-1 with a coach, they help you to find a way to navigate the hard stuff, overcome obstacles, and stay inspired, but they often also share the tips, techniques and strategies that work for them and countless other people, the exercises, the meditations, the tapping techniques, the mantras, the NLP ‘quick fixes’….that work every time.

This low cost group coaching programme will teach you the tools to use for yourself, you will be equipped with a full ‘sober /self-care toolkit’ for when the going gets tough. You will learn EFT (emotional freedom technique) simple sequences, and many other exercises and modalities based on my years of experience and study of NLP, Matrix, Family Constellations and of course health coaching. These are the ‘go-to’ strategies that I offer my 1-1 clients, they often ask me: ‘What do you do? What’s your morning routine? How can I tame the wine witch? I will share a whole heap of ideas to ensure that you feel resourced.

Please note: This is not ‘counselling’ or addiction therapy, it isn’t an ‘alcohol free challenge’. This is for you if you are READY to make a change, form some new neural pathways and new habits and want some tips, strategies, and resources to get you to where you want to be.



Why work with me?

I’m a broadcaster, TEDx speaker (Sobriety Rocks – Who Knew!) Alcohol Free Life Podcast host, and author of Happy Healthy Sober

I became sober at the start of 2018, and qualified as a Grey Area Drinking Coach with Jolene Park. I’m a trained NLP practitioner, and a level 2 EFT practitioner, and have also qualified as a Matrix Re-imprinting practitioner and a Family Constellations therapist. I offer integrated coaching / therapeutic packages.


Want in on ‘Tapping into Freedom – The Secrets of Sustainable Sobriety’ online group coaching programme?

At the start of the programme you will receive a short video presented by me – Freedom from Cravings, sharing EFT (emotional freedom technique) tapping points and a document to get you started. EFT (tapping) is just one technique that we will share but it helps to have watched this video if possible before our first session together.

An invitation to join our WhatsApp group: You also have access to me and you can message me daily to secure that accountability. I will hold the vision for you and become your champion! Being part of our WhatsApp group will be wonderful for connecting with others who are also making behaviour change. (Hopefully you will also be a Sober Club member to benefit from the ongoing support and inspiration for living your best life without the booze!).

Group live sessions

Our first group session online will be an introduction to tapping techniques and laying the foundations plus a Q&A where we can cover any aspects of early sobriety.This will be recorded if you can’t make that time and you will have access to the recordings for your own use ongoing. (Please note the following two sessions will be the next 2 Wednesdays).

One client said….

‘It feels so different now Janey has taught me some tools, I feel equipped to deal with the (many) emotions that pop up, I have been adding in new habits and for the first time I feel really optimistic’

Being held accountable helps too..

‘I was really ready to cave and ‘just have one’, but I knew deep down I would be straight back down the slippery slope and I dreaded having to type that message to Janey to say I’d failed, it makes such a difference knowing that someone has your back.


Programme Starts;TBA



Q – I have had coaching sessions in the past, but still go back to drinking, how would this help me?

A – This programme will teach you a whole range of tools that you can use to ‘self-coach’ so that you can sustain your sobriety (or other behaviour change)

Q – I don’t usually like meditation and I am not someone who will use the tapping techniques, is it worth me joining this programme?

A – The programme includes lots of different techniques and exercises, you are bound to find something that resonates, you may find yourself introducing journaling, forest walks, mindfulness, simple visualisations, who knows! And when it comes to EFT, I was sceptical too, but I’d love you to at least give it a try!

Q – I’m a Sober Club member, you often share tips and techniques on our group zoom calls so will there be anything new here?

A – You’re right, there is a huge amount of resources in the member portal, but this course is focused and dedicated on determining the best tools and techniques for those in the early stages who are ready to make a behaviour change, trouble shooting anything that might be going on, and a deeper connection with others in a very small group setting.




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