Check out this weeks Alcohol Free Life podcast because I’m chatting to Susie Pearl on her great new book The Art of Creativity, she is a best-selling writer, mentor, podcaster and coach to Hollywood A-listers. She regularly hosts workshops on creative writing, visioning and meditation. Susie has her own fascinating journey through cancer and sobriety.

The Art of Creativity explains how to adopt 7 powerful habits that will unlock your full creative potential, its a great inspirational book.

Its had great endorsements too (including one from me!) but I loved KT Tunstall’s quote:

‘If anyone can give us insight into prolific creativity, it’s Susie Pearl. Her exceptional output through a literal life-and-death roller coaster has had me blinking in delight for years. Inspiration has no edges or ending, and Susie reminds us of that here’ KT Tunstall

Whats is got to do with ditching the booze and sobriety? Everything! You’d be amazed how many people find that when they free themselves up from booze, they unlock their creativity, I highly recommend you focus on the ‘ings’ – Dancing, Painting, Writing, Baking, Scrap-booking, Gardening..(just not drinking!) and Susie offers great tips! Buy the book – its uplifting 


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