Have you ditched the booze? Thought about inspiring others? 



Do you want to be able to coach and support others to optimum well-being underpinned by sobriety?

Janey Lee Grace leads this zoom session on what it means to be a sober / selfcare coach for ‘grey area’ drinkers, a term coined by Jolene Park, which highlights that we do not have to be at rock bottom before we quit alcohol.

Join us for some insights, tips for working with those who want to stop drinking and live their best life without the booze

There will be time for Q and A and a special offer relating to our next Sober Coach training programme which starts with a 2 day ‘retreat’ March 24-25 in Southend Essex followed by several weeks online and ongoing mentoring and support.  You can be up and running with your biz within 7 weeks.

Please note this training can be done online if you are not in the UK

NB – If you are already a coach / therapist / practitioner but are NOT alcohol free, join us anyway, as I am also plotting a low priced training for you to support and signpost your clients.  We need as may professionals as possibly raising awareness of ‘grey area drinking’ (that wonderful phrase coined by Jolene Park, not at rock bottom, but not ok either!) in a non judgemental way.


I loved this training! Using the skills of sober coaching, in a nurturing and creative environment, is my ultimate goal.  I feel much more confident following this training Janey and have loved working with you.  I still struggle with Imposter Syndrome, but at the same time, I honestly feel it is my calling. Absolutely clear on my ideal client now – Thank you!  After 5 years of life changing. joyous sobriety, I now work with women to help them change their relationship with alcohol, manage the ups and downs of life without drinking and start living a life of freedom, excitement and contentment.  Claire Godwin 


I completed my Sober Coach Training with Janey in January 2023. The 2 day course in Southend was just what I needed to get me in the right mindset to launch my Sober Coaching business..I was privileged to share the weekend with some inspirational people who were also training. Janey and her team made the whole weekend enjoyable and immensely instructive. Along with the sessions we had ample time to discuss and debate the points raised and we certainly all talked a lot!

It was great to work with Janey face to face as she totally engaged us all and shared her wealth of experience. There was not one question asked of her that she could not answer, and more importantly could illustrate with her own experiences. For me, this was the greatest value as it made the sessions come to life rather than just exercises and theories without any relevant examples.  I am now looking forward with renewed enthusiasm to the start of the next exciting chapter in my career..

Thank you Janey  Tony Worsdall www.sobersixty.com


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