Janey offers 1 to 1 coaching packages over the phone or using zoom. Choose from a one off ‘Power vision your future without the booze’ 90 minute session, or a coaching package which runs over 4 weeks and includes personalised resources and daily email accountability.

Janey is a certified Grey Area Drinking Recovery Coach and a qualified EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner. If you would like to register your interest, please email  janey@janeyleegrace.com or via the contact page.

Through 1-1 coaching Janey can help you break free from the alcohol trap, address nutrition, mindset and traumas that may be holding you back, and inspire you to live your best life without the booze.  Janey’s approach is positive, holistic and does not utilise 12 step programmes.

“For two years I have tried and failed to embrace sobriety. Two years of watching with envy other people tick up sobriety days. Two years of being on a constant cycle of shame, blame and frustration. I am now 92 days sober. I reached out to Janey in utter despair, made the best investment in myself possible and committed to 1:1 coaching. Janey has taken me from my own rock bottom to a sense of renewed faith in myself. Our coaching journey has gone in all sorts of most unexpected directions! Janey is utterly non judgmental, straight talking, full of incredible tools and tricks! She’s also unbelievably kind and has the most beautiful energy and spirit. I am so grateful every sober day for Janeys coaching – without it I would not be sober and I would not be facing life’s challenges the way I can currently. It’s hard to express my gratitude properly. Thank you for being such an incredibly gifted Coach Janey! You were the Rocketfuel for changing my life, in every way, for the better.”

Lucy xxx

Through a range of powerful modalities, utilising EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, NLP, and Family Constellations, Janey can work with you to beat the alcohol trap and transform your life.

Email; janey@janeyleegrace.com to find out more.     @janeyleegrace



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