I watched Janey’s TEDX talk then stumbled into Janey’s site soon after and that was all the support and framework I needed.  Janey’s Sober Club gives us a tribe to belong to, permission to go against the flow and be a tee-totaller without feeling like a social freak. This is a cool tribe and Janey is a cool tribe leader!

Enid Taylor, UK

Janey’s Sober Club is vibrant and engaging,I’ve joined a diverse group of “real people”.  We celebrate big wins and small goals, You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!You came along at the right time and made a huge difference to me. Thank you, Janey.

Amanda, UK


I was at the end of Go Sober for October… I feel enormously fortunate that  I caught  Janey Lee Grace’s radio interview talking about The Sober Club, it was just what I needed to reframe my mind set, and steer me on the right path. The Sober Club web site, online course, blogs, weekly pod casts, and resources section is so helpful, and the facebook group with like minded people sharing daily life’s goals, challenges and rewards is so heart warming and a real tonic.

So immensely fortunate to find The Sober Club! It has given me the strength to not run away anymore and to leave the demon drink behind!

Mel, Devon UK

Day 1’s, how many of them have I had….? I’ve joined other sober groups,  I managed a run of 22 months the first time I got sober, and have had stints of up to 3 months since then. But that just wasn’t enough to keep me from going back to poisoning my body. Something was missing but I couldn’t put my finger on it.  

When I heard about “The Sober Club” I joined up immediately and I haven’t looked back!I’ve finally realized it’s not just about putting down the booze and staying sober, it’s so much more than that! It’s a mindset change, looking at everything as a whole, caring for both my physical and mental health.The “Sober Club” website is FAB!! I am really enjoying working through the modules in the 90 Day course “Get the Buzz Without the Booze”.

All Janey’s podcasts are there to listen to at any time, there is so much expert advice available on nutrition and fitness, and also some great tips on how to take care of, not just my body, but my mind too which I never had before.

The Facebook group is such a friendly and supportive place to go whether you are struggling, looking for inspiration or just catching up with other people’s news. I really look forward to reading the posts there!  So much advice, help and support is now available to me which I never had before. My whole mindset has changed! I’ve not just put down the booze I have learned how to look after my poor body that has been poisoned for so many years by getting proper nutrition, a little exercise, great sleep and treating myself with some wonderful self-care, all tips picked up from this lovely group.I am so glad to be part of something new and wonderful, and, more importantly, I have finally learned how to be kind to myself. Thank you Janey, and to all the experts who take their time to guide and support me with their wisdom and knowledge, and to every one of my new friends in The Sober Club!!”

Jacqui, UK

After decades of struggling to control alcohol, I was  inspired to join the Sober Club for the 90 day online course. The Club has fantastic online resources and a positive focus on the life benefits of being alcohol free. The facebook group has honestly made all the difference to me staying sober this time. Janey is fantastically supportive, as are the wonderful group members. Being upfront and accountable without the fear of being judged has meant that I am facing up to things more now, and what a bonus to be making some lovely friends. I know they are genuinely there for me, through the good times and the bad, and I will be forever grateful!

Julie, USA

The Sober Club  came at a perfect time for me, as I was 14 months AF and wondering what was next in my sober and health journey. I  wanted to reinforce the health and wellness aspect to continue living well and being the best version of myself. The tools and resources available, including accessing Meditation and Mindfulness techniques, Self-care tips and advice from amazing experts, has been invaluable..

I highly recommend being part of the Sober Club, especially if you are looking to keep motivated and inspired to live your best sober life.

 Cindy,  Sydney, Australia

I love the nutrition and  mindset topics in The Sober Club. I’ve been inspired to try yoga and pilates.

The 90 day course is great, and I like the video versions of the podcasts and the extra content from experts who provide professional self care and meditation.I like getting the chance to meet others with the offers of retreats and closed meet ups. It’s my safe haven with like minded people from all walks of life and experiences.

Janet, UK

“I had no hesitation signing up to the initial launch of The Sober Club, as I am in Sydney, Australia and have not found a sober community to join – and as we all know the opposite of addiction is connection! 

I have loved every minute of the Sober Club and even manage to participate in Live feeds, Q&A etc, despite the time differences.Janey is a highly motivated and energetic host of the Sober Club – very actively involved on a daily basis and responds to all questions or needs promptly The whole community is non judgemental and loads of fun! I thoroughly recommend joining the Sober Club for fantastic support in sobriety – we do not have to do this alone!”

Jane,  Sydney, Australia

“A high-functioning individual who utilized alcohol to “relax,” I was attracted to this club by an idea inherent in Jamey Lee’s podcasts: maybe there is a more aware way to live. Maybe, just maybe I could make my life better by exploring the option of dropping the booze. So I joined the Sober Club, promising myself 100 days of “curious” restraint.

What I found was a group of like-minded, highly aware individuals at various stages of their sobriety journey, always willing to offer their observations and experience.

The resources on the site are exhaustive- everything from spoken word meditations to recipes for exciting new drinks to medical facts to video interviews, plus a free 90 day course that has led me to examine closely the reasons I had turned to alcohol. I discovered that rather than relaxing me, I was numbing my will, my ambitions, and my essential self with alcohol. But it’s the advice and companionship from those navigating the same path that make this site the single most powerful thing that lights up my journey. As Janey says, the opposite of addiction is connection.

And through this amazing journey I’ve discovered that my best life might just be one sans alcohol.”

C. (Female), USA

‘Sober & what now?’ drew my attention to The Sober Club as that’s exactly where I was at.

Aside from the lively Facebook group where I’ve made such genuine friends, running in the back ground is a beast of a website, full of fabulous information which you can take from as and when you want. The content is well beyond my expectation!

For many, being sober isn’t just about stooping drinking, it’s having to relearn how to live a life without the influence or crutch of alcohol in it – you’ve done the hard part in stopping drinking, but that’s only just the beginning of the journey.

This is where The Sober Club sets itself apart, giving you the tools to do just that.

Whether it’s through making new sober friends in the fb group that ‘get you’ and learning how to handle situations sober together, or learning about nutrition, exercise and mindset on the website – they all play a huge part in making being sober or alcohol free a natural part of your life.

Daily inspirations from Janey Lee Grace, live Q&A’s as well as guest interviews/interaction, add to the depth of support and fun in this group.

I’ve laughed, celebrated, commiserated and learnt so much already . . .

From the fun of the juicing challenge, which was, shall we say, interesting . . . I think my ‘rice pudding’ looking juice will go down in history, to the support I got immediately from the group, when having a freak out at the airport as I was suddenly facing a fear of flying stone cold sober, was second to none.

There are lots of fabulous Sober groups out there, but this is on a whole different level.

So if you are looking for your ‘what now?’ and want the help and support to be the best version of you with the alcohol gone, then this is definitely the group for you.”

Natalie, Australia

“I am 748 days in, saved £7,480, learned lots along the way and will never go back!! Thank you for all you’re doing Janey. You’re a true inspiration, love the Club, content and especially love the Friday podcasts and bonus interviews. My life has changed immeasurably for the better but this journey takes courage and strength. I am so grateful to you for leading the way and transforming lives and Society.


“I’m fairly well established into my sobriety at 19 months. The need to maintain a connection with a tribe of like-minded people – people who get it, people who can relate to and appreciate the whole complicated and colourful process of stopping drinking and carving a life beyond – remains vitally important to me, and I find all of this and more here in the club.

 I was especially drawn to The Sober Club because of Janey’s sharp focus on the ‘what next?’. You’ve committed to stopping drinking, you’re feeling some of those benefits that kick in almost straight away, but what to do with all the spare time? More importantly, how best can you start to nourish and nurture this body of yours that’s starting to wake from years if not decades of virtual hibernation/stagnation? When we lift away the poison we start to feel the twinge, the tingle if you like, of vibrant life running through our veins once more. Just as we were children! For me, sobriety brings a clarity of mind, an ability to focus and a burst of extra energy and enthusiasm. I want to continue on the path of crafting my very best life which has so clearly started happening ‘just’ by quitting the booze. I’ve got a new found respect for this body of mine and I’m hungry for ideas, inspiration, advice and direction in all areas of health and well-being, so that I can continue to grow and thrive. I can find access to every single one of these within the club.

 The Sober Club is for you if you want access to incredible support, resources and connection as you continue to wake and discover the magic and potential of life without alcohol.”

-Wendy Laban, Devon UK


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