The Sober Club Accredited Coach Training

 Do you want to be able to coach and support others to optimum wellbeing underpinned by sobriety?

“The Sober Club Coach training course was thoroughly enjoyable, a great mix of structure and spontaneity, we learned about the coaching methods, how to help somebody in the early stages of sobriety, how to recognise challenges for our clients and how to guide them through the process, The course is supported with literature, a website portal and our private coaches community so I won’t feel alone on my journey.  The entire weekend was underpinned by focusing on our own well-being, and how to ensure we keep our own oxygen masks on first.  If you are interesting in being an active coach or just curious as to whether you could coach someone, this course is for you.  The wealth of knowledge that Janey imparts is priceless and the connections made are truly life enriching.”  C.P

Being Sober makes you BRAVE! 

Don’t forget as Marianne Williamson says… If you have a sense that you have something to share (never underestimate the power of your own story) you cannot hide that light forever, it’s actually your DUTY to share it with the world!

Why not take the step and do the work you love!

Perhaps you already work as a coach or therapist and would like to add some new strategies to your skill set. Maybe you have been thinking of becoming a coach for a while, or perhaps you just want to be able to support those you work with, lead a local community group, or be able to support family and friends – this new coach training could be for you. Of course you will benefit from huge personal transformation too so this is a fantastic way to deep dive into personal development. The world is changing and it’s a great idea to have some form of online business so the opportunities for growth are huge. You could make an incredible impact on someone else’s life and gain financial freedom for yourself. (It’s ok to aspire to be abundant!).

Why train with Janey Lee Grace?

There are many options if you want to train as a coach, from small online courses through to 9 month long programmes with leading experts.

Janey has had many years of experience as a coach, and offering business and marketing training so can cover all the bases, and of course since becoming sober at the start of 2018 Janey is qualified as a Grey Area Drinking Coach with Jolene Park, an NLP practitioner and has been a level 2 EFT practitioner for years, she is also a qualified Matrix Re-imprinting practitioner (sounds wild!) and now a Family Constellations therapist. Anyone who has had coaching with Janey knows that she utilises a whole range of tools / techniques and real life experience to ensure great results.

What a weekend of sober joy and all round awesome enlightenment , friendship, connection and more than one or two light bulb moments for all concerned. I am still processing what just happened to me in Southend this weekend. We all still have work to do and rather a lot of homework, not to mention reflection and self-evaluation.  I am climbing into bed and my head is still buzzing and my brain is in need of a hard restart or at least a control alt and delete, maybe just a switch it off then switch it on again. But for now I know that amongst all the scribbled pages of notes and post it notes on things I need to go back over and understand. A few very important gems of wisdom are now forever etched on my brain and in my heart. Thanks Janey, and the awesome thing is, this really is just the beginning …to infinity and beyond!


More testimonials from our first Coach Training Programme

I loved this course. Janey’s course take you to places where you wouldn’t usually push yourself, but she gives you the tools and  info to help you grow through the challenges, it’s been nourishing nurturing and really worthwhile, even if you don’t intend to do this professionally, it’s worth it for yourself, it’s a really safe place.


What previous experience is needed?

If you are already a coach or therapist this is ideal to add to your work, but if you are brand new to coaching that may work too, we will have a phone call to ensure that the programme is right for you and you may need to complete some pre-course work.

However, if you want to offer sobriety coaching for paying clients, it is advantageous to have at least six months of sobriety under your own belt, but you may be keen to do the programme to support yourself, friends and family and take clients at a later date.

Please note this is not ‘addiction recovery’ coaching.  My ideal clients are those who are not clinically dependent on alcohol, the focus is on self-care and resources to live your life to the full.  It’s about wellbeing underpinned by sobriety.

Have you managed to get ‘unstuck’ yourself?

You wouldn’t have been born knowing how to do that, or learnt  these skills in school! We usually aren’t taught emotional maturity, most of us don’t get close to it till we ditch the booze and do some inner work, we aren’t taught to focus on self-care and self-love

You definitely don’t have to have it all figured out, but YOUR personal story will become paramount, revealing the ‘Authentic You’ and Janey excels at encouraging people to step into the spotlight so that they can help others.

This training covers everything you need to become a ‘positive sobriety self-care’ coach and expand your business, and importantly, includes ongoing mentoring from Janey and connection with other coaches.

You will leave the training feeling empowered and confident to be able to help others, not to ‘fix’ them, that’s not the role of a coach, you may not necessarily even ‘advise’, but you will feel equipped with tools, techniques, exercises and strategies that you feel confident to use in order to help your clients feel motivated, find freedom from the alcohol trap, move from where they are to where they would like to be, and challenge them to go after dreams and goals.

“The Sober Club Accredited Coach Training course far exceeded my expectations, it’s much more than a coaching course, it’s about the support you get from Janey, and others.  Being part of a community who support each other is amazing, I am super excited and grateful for everything I have learned.”  J. H

What will we cover in the course?


Across the first two days  we will be aiming to ‘fine tune’ you, so that you can feel authentic.  We will look at what coaching really is and your niche.


We identify how to determine your ideal client, and assess that they you are the right coach for them, How to create an action plan that works for your clients and will get results. We will ensure that you know how to set boundaries, and take good care of yourself while inspiring others to do the same.


We will look at the typical problems that clients will present with, and how best to guide them, ensuring that we know how to signpost and recommend the best resources to support them.


You will experience some of the best combinations of exercises, tools and protocols to use with clients to encourage them to look at their nutrition, (A leading nutritionist delivers this module online) their mind-set, how they respond to stress and how to bring back joy into their life.


How to help your client overcome obstacles, trouble shooting what might happen as they start their journey levelling becoming the person they want to be.


We dig deep into how the brain works, and how the brain chemistry can be out of whack after we have been drinking.  We look at how to work with limiting beliefs, trauma and the ‘craving brain’. We dig deep into self-care resources  and the power of connection.

 What you get:

2 full days of immersive training on all aspects of positive sobriety coaching, the sobriety / self-care niche including demos, practice sessions and real life coaching in action. (Please note lunch and snacks are provided both days, but you would need to organise b and b plus evening dinner)

All resources and recommendations

4 x weekly online sessions including Q and A

Expand your Coaching Practice and marketing and promotion skills  Janey offers media training, sessions on heart centred sales, DIY PR and confidence in stepping into the spotlight.

Exclusive Expert Sessions 

Consolidation session online (approx 3 hours) to focus on any questions, the future of your work, marketing, social media and choosing your niche

An assessment and feedback and a certificate of accreditation and logo to use in your marketing..

Membership of the exclusive coaches FB group to share experiences and buddy up for practice.  This will be ongoing as a mentoring group for a period of time after the course, so any issues with clients can be discussed here. You become part of our Sober Club Accredited Coaches ‘family’ and the support will be ongoing while you are a member of The Sober Club

Access to all new resources as they become available and are added to the trainings.

Greatly reduced fee to re-attend future training courses which may be online.

Greatly reduced fee for a Bespoke promotion package for you, and an opportunity to be featured on a directory for Sober Club Coaches

Here’s a few of our experts who will be contributing to the course…

Dale Pinnock Leading nutritionist, culinary medicine trainer is sharing the importance of good nutrition and supplements to boost brain chemistry and physical well-being after quitting booze.

Dr Bunmi Aboaba – The Food Addiction Coach Academy.  Bunmi shares insights on how to recognise clients with food addiction and steer them away from ‘trigger foods’

Jo Creed – Beyond NLP.  Jo leads us in a deep dive NLP session into Neurological levels of change

Bonus Gifts

When you join the course…

BONUS GIFT 1: How to Market Yourself Personally and Professionally. Full Video Course (worth £497)


1 hour 1-1 deep dive coaching session on zoom with Janey to dig deep into anything that might be holding you back personally. This 1 – 1 coaching will be excellent for your own personal transformation and help you to recognise what areas you can work on for yourself to ‘fine tune’ you, and to be best be of service to others.


The cost of the Sober Club coach training is £2475

(Installment options available)

Don’t forget this training includes a 1-1 coaching session worth £300 (plus ongoing mentoring) and a marketing course worth £497

Ready to Rock?

There are very limited spaces, if you are interested in becoming a Sober Club Accredited Coach, email me now, and let’s have a chat.

Can’t wait to work with you!



Please note we reserve the right to change the 2 days in person training to online if government restrictions dictate.


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