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Want transformational 1-1 coaching, or to join in on a workshop or retreat?

Janey Lee Grace offers a holistic approach to well-being, drawing on her expertise in EFT, NLP, Family Constellations, and more. Her extensive knowledge of nutrition and naturopathy complements her coaching and workshops, ensuring a truly holistic approach to your well-being journey.

Janey is like an encyclopedia of knowledge for all things holistic! Lynne Franks

Janey is also the author of several best-selling books on holistic living.  Imperfectly Natural Woman was a number One Amazon Bestseller and Janeys next books are a series called Stress to Calm in 7 minutes with co-author Beverly Densham.  Janey is a Sober Recovery Coach, and offers Sober 360 Coach training for those aspiring to help others on their sober and self-care journeys.

Are you ready to embrace a life of joy and vitality?

It doesn’t have to take years in counselling or therapy, step into your authentic self.

Janey works with a range of techniques, tools and modalities to help you shed those limiting beliefs, release past traumas, and transform your life.


Discover the Healing Power of EFT Tapping and Matrix Reimprinting

EFT, or Emotional Freedom Techniques, is a transformative method that taps into the body’s energy meridian system, much like acupuncture. This technique has gained immense popularity due to its effectiveness, supported by extensive peer-reviewed studies.

Often simply referred to as “tapping,” EFT is an energy psychology approach that involves gently tapping on specific meridian points using your fingertips. But what makes EFT truly powerful is its ability to bridge the gap between your thoughts and your physical sensations, connecting your mind, body, and heart in the healing process.

Matrix Reimprinting, a related modality, complements EFT by taking healing to the next level. Together, they offer a holistic approach to addressing both small and significant traumas. These techniques guide you out of the confines of your mind and into the depths of your body and heart, empowering you to facilitate your healing and focus on what you want for the future.

My matrix reimprinting session with Janey was one of the most powerful 1:1 sessions I have ever experienced. Janey asked me to choose an experience during which I had felt powerless and unfairly treated. Then, by using EFT and visualisation techniques I was guided to revisit (but not re-live) an incident which happened during my early childhood, and reframe this incident with a more positive outcome. Janey’s skillful approach allowed me to feel safe during the session, and once I had processed the session I was able to better understand how this incident had continued to impact me for many years into my adulthood. Following the session Janey asked me to complete some ‘homework’ in order to embed the healing experience. I am grateful to have had this experience and it has allowed me to really consider how my response to the event had also impacted upon other areas of my life. This has freed me up to make some important decisions at this stage of my journey. Thank you Janey, for holding space for me with your skillful way of working. C. C. UK

Experience the profound impact of EFT and Matrix Reimprinting as they help you release stuck emotional energy, find clarity, and foster your own well-being. Say goodbye to the limitations of your past and embrace a future filled with emotional freedom and personal transformation.

‘I was struggling with a limiting self belief and I reached out to Janey for help.  I had a 90 minute coaching session and I experienced a radical shift in my self-belief.  I immediately felt light, confident and empowered.  Janey’s coaching revealed I had the tools I needed within me all the time, I had just buried them with negative conditioning that had occurred when my self esteem was at an all time low which I now realise was due to the emotion of grief I had suppressed’.J. M

Sober / Self care coaching

Janey is the founder of The Sober Club, a non judgemental platform for those who are not clinically dependent, but may be sober curious, or know that they are drinking more than they want to.  Through 1-1 coaching Janey can help clients break free from the alcohol trap, address nutrition, mindset and traumas that may be holding them back, and inspire them to live their best life without the booze.  Janey’s approach is positive, holistic and does not utilise 12 step programmes.

Janey offers one off sessions, group coaching, or a package of 1-1 coaching sessions, and encourage clients to also join The Sober Club for connection and support.

For two years I have tried and failed to embrace sobriety. Two years of watching with envy other people tick up sobriety days. Two years of being on a constant cycle of shame, blame and frustration. I am now 92 days sober. I reached out to Janey in utter despair, made the best investment in myself possible and committed to 1:1 coaching. Janey has taken me from my own rock bottom to a sense of renewed faith in myself. Our coaching journey has gone in all sorts of most unexpected directions! Janey is utterly non judgmental, straight talking, full of incredible tools and tricks! She’s also unbelievably kind and has the most beautiful energy and spirit. I am so grateful every sober day for Janeys coaching – without it I would not be sober and I would not be facing life’s challenges the way I can currently. It’s hard to express my gratitude properly. Thank you for being such an incredibly gifted Coach Janey! You were the Rocketfuel for changing my life, in every way, for the better.

Lucy xxx


Want to feel empowered, energised and vision your future?

Join a Vision board and retreat day with Janey

This bespoke ‘retreat’ day or weekend can include 1-1 coaching, creating a vision board, meditation, sound healing, yoga nidra and walks in nature

Testimonials from recent days…

Janey provided a natural and relaxed energy flow in a safe, calm, inspiring and non judgmental space. I left feeling uplifted, empowered and energised with a deep sense of connection and elation. It was very special. A. G

I attended Janey’s retreat day last weekend and have been walking on air ever since. It was an intimate group where it was safe to share reflections on our sober journeys, and a beautiful setting by the sea made it extra special. Janey is a brilliant coach with a warm relaxed style, but with loads of tools and laser focus. There were meditations, exercises, vision boards and alcohol free cocktails. And, of course. connections. The one to one coaching was incisive and one perfect question unblocked what I’d been struggling with. If you’re looking for a self care treat that supports your sobriety. I fully recommend these days. L. Herts

‘I attended the one day retreat as I’d seen it on Janey’s Instagram and thought some ‘me time’ to concentrate on wellness was just what I needed. And it was! I’m still quite new to this sober life, or ‘finding my sober shoes’ as Janey said, and so was a bit nervous of what to expect. That there were only 6 of us, plus Janey, made for a really laid back and relaxing day, comfortable enough that everyone was able to share experience and ask questions. I came away with challenges and lots of things that I wanted to know more about, but feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Thanks all!  S. Xxx


…Or a Selfcare retreat weekend, such as the ones Janey hosts at Champneys

For anyone questioning whether to book onto Janey Lee Grace’s Selfcare break don’t hesitate. This was the most transformational weekend for us all and Janey is the most wonderful facilitator. It was such a safe space; we made amazing connections with each other. I can honestly say that something really shifted for me this weekend. What a gift 💝 I could not feel more ‘full up’ with gratitude right now  LC London


There were so many positives I have taken away from the weekend – the main one being the importance of having a safe environment to ‘be your true and authentic self’ without any judgement from others.  I loved that it was a small group who were like-minded and super supportive.  I also benefitted from the super positive and high energy and this alone highlighted how I tend to live at a low-energy level.   All the exercises, tools and activities we were given to follow-up will directly help me.I am also really looking forward to following up on all the recommendations and advice to expand my horizons to become a happier ‘me’.  T


Unlock Family Constellations: Transform Your Life with Janey

Family Constellations was devised by German Psychotherapist Bert Hellinger, who realised that events that are traumatic, such as abuse, abortion, early / violent death, miscarriage, can ripple down through generations and manifest in a range of psychological and physical illness. We now know much more about this of course with the phenomenon of Epigenetics.

Rather than attempt to fully understand it, ts probably better just to come with an open mind, absolutely no experience is necessary and its not ‘acting’ or psychodrama, but it can be profound. Its been described as ‘Homeopathy for the soul’ ,

Janey regularly works with a leading trauma expert to co-facilitate workshops in Hertfordshire, London or York.  Bespoke sessions for your group can be arranged.

Rafe says: ‘Working with ‘ancestral healing enables us to notice what’s going in the people’s systems – their family, their environment, their history.



I feel so honoured to have been there with you at this life changing point. It is hard to put into words what happened yesterday, I think it is still going round in my head and hasn’t formed into actual sentences yet! D Suffolk


Work with Janey

Through a range of powerful modalities, including EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, NLP, and Family Constellations, Janey can work with you or your team to transform your life.

Janey offers 1-1 coaching, group coaching, and online or in person workshops and retreats, and can develop a bespoke workshop for your group or workplace.

Check out upcoming events, and get in touch to discuss working with Janey

If you are looking to train as a coach, Janey offers Sober 360 Coach training.

Email to find out more

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