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Is your past affecting your present?


Family Constellations was devised by German Psychotherapist Bert Hellinger who realised that events that are traumatic such as abuse, abortion, early/violent death, and miscarriage, can ripple down through generations and manifest in a range of psychological and physical illness. It’s been described as ‘Homeopathy for the soul’.  

Many of us have experienced ‘adverse child experiences’ and these of course can have a negative effect on health and wellbeing in adulthood. Our current life becomes entangled with past buried trauma leading to depression, unhappiness, relationship challenges, self-sabotage and bad choices.  

I believe that Family Constellations transformed my life. 


For me, Family Constellations changed everything – in 30 minutes! I’d had an extremely difficult relationship with my mother and was anxious and insecure. Of course, once I slotted the missing piece into the holistic jigsaw (ditched the booze) I could see that there was more work to be done.

I am fascinated by the connection of where trauma meets addiction, but it also has a repercussion on many other things such as relationships with a sibling, a parent, and even looking at career choices.  I recently trained as a Family Constellations practitioner to add to my ‘toolbox’ of EFT, NLP and Matrix Re-imprinting.

Join me and Rafe Nauen, leading expert in adverse childhood experiences, trauma work and family constellations

Sun July 21st 2024 – Kings Langley, Hertfordshire


Rafe says: ‘Working with ‘ancestral healing enables us to notice what’s going in the people’s systems – their family, their environment, their history. We inherit things from our past and we pick up things along the journey of life, and some of it is not helpful. Family secrets, early deaths, traumas experienced, all contribute to our current state.  

Adverse Childhood Experience adds to the catalogue of “stuff” we carry with us. If we don’t manage to deal with it, it contributes to ill health mentally, physically and emotionally as we get older.  At a constellation workshop we safely explore these aspects using representatives chosen from the attendees. The issue holder (and the others present) get to see where the “stuff” belongs. And knowing that, enables a final leaving it where it belongs. The plan for the day is to do quite a few short pieces of work, and some longer ones. Almost everyone who has ever been to one of my workshops has gone away enriched and empowered. 

Even mild ‘adverse child experiences’ have a negative impact on health and wellbeing in adulthood. In the original ACE study, those who scored 4 or more were 7 times more likely to be an alcoholic, 10 times more likely to have injected drugs, and more likely to experience depression and relationship breakups. 

If you are ready to make positive changes, absolutely no experience is necessary to join, but rather an open mind and a willingness to participate, and it’s not ‘acting’ or psychodrama, but it can be profound.

There will be an opportunity for questions and answers, and you may be invited to be a participant, or a ‘representative’, and maybe experience your own ‘constellation’. Many people find it benefits them hugely just to witness constellations, this can be very powerful. 

Testimonials from our last session

‘I’m feeling much more than I can put into words right now…Freedom, strength and empowerment Yesterday’s family constellations with Janey and Rafe was emotional and powerful, such a kind, supportive and inclusive group of people. I also felt humbled and privileged to be part of other people’s very personal journeys and experiences’ L.P 

I feel so honoured to have been there with you at this life changing point. It is hard to put into words what happened yesterday, I think it is still going round in my head and hasn’t formed into actual sentences yet! D Suffolk

What a profound experience to witness the power of the constellations work and the energy created within the fields. I have spent my day warmed by the thoughts and feelings I now hold for my dad, and there is no resentment or anger. It is truly gone. Some part of me needs to analyse the process too much, figure out the ‘secret formula’ to all this so that it makes complete logical sense to me. Another, greater, part is settling into the beauty of how I feel today and hopefully all the days ahead, not needing to be able to decipher the exact science behind this shift. Maybe my subconscious was able to reprogram and put the jigsaw together differently, so to speak, as a result of seeing the visual representation of my family constellation and hearing the words from the resonators. I am incredibly grateful. Such a pleasure to be a part of something so meaningful and compassion centered. If you can make it to one of these sessions, I urge you to. Thank you, Janey and Rafe. – Wendy 

Family Constellations

Sun 21st July 2024  – Kings Langley, Hertfordshire

10.30AM – 4.30PM




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