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Don’t forget you can love your liver with some nutrient dense food, This is a recipe extracted from the section in Happy Healthy Sober by Naturopath Katie Ruane

Chia Seed Pudding

This pudding needs to be refrigerated, so make a couple of hours before you want to eat it. This is high in protein, fat, fibre and a bit of sugar to help with the cravings.
4–5 tbsp chia seeds 400 ml coconut milk, unsweetened 4 squares 85% dark chocolate (optional) Plain, unsalted mixed nuts, or a favourite nut of your choice Raspberries

If you like rich and creamy puddings, use coconut milk from a tin. If you prefer lighter puddings, use coconut milk from a carton.

Get an eating bowl (not a mixing bowl) and mix together 4 tablespoons chia seeds and coconut milk and leave to soak for 10–15 minutes. Give it a stir and if it’s too watery, add in another 1 tablespoon of seeds, and if it’s too thick, add in more coconut milk or water.

Once it’s set to the consistency you like, grate in some of the chocolate – if you have a really sweet/chocolate tooth, melt 4 squares of the dark chocolate and add that to the coconut milk before mixing in the chia seeds.
Sprinkle over some of the nuts and some raspberries. Pop in the fridge for a couple of hours before eating!

There are more recipes in Happy Healthy Sober – ditch the booze and take control of your life


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