The Importance of Liver Cleansing with Dr Linda Lancaster

I loved interviewing fellow Hay House author Linda Lancaster recently, the book is Harmonic Healing and she is one of the most knowledgeable souls I have encountered. Linda is a naturopathic and homeopathic physician. She founded an energy medicine clinic and educational centre based in Santa Fe and she has been offering life changing programmes for over 40 years. Linda is trained in ayurvedic medicine, yoga, radionics, subtle energy healing, counselling, herbal medicine, detoxification and much more and I could have chatted to her for hours!

Linda recommends a six week foundation programme where you learn to cleanse your liver, revitalise your energy,and neutralise environmental pollution. and return to a balanced state of health.

Since ditching the booze (not Linda’s thing as she does allow drinking IN MODERATION in later phases of her plan) I have been acutely aware of the importance of cleansing the liver, I’ve written posts about the best detoxifying juices and supplements, but Linda put another spin on it entirely and suggested that homeopathic remedies can be super helpful. Nux vomica, despite its eeuw name is an excellent remedy which be taken in strength 30C or even 1M twice a day for 20 days while you are reducing your drinking, or abstaining, its great for ‘overindulgence’ and because homeopathy works on such a subtle level, that will helping to address the mindset issues too, she also recommends Nat Mur.

I asked Linda about the fact that so many people crave sugar when they first ditch the booze and just as I knew she would, she eschews processed sugar and obviously artificial sweeteners in any form, but she did have an interesting suggestion, she says when you crave something sugary, try going salty instead.have something savoury such as an olive or some seaweed, or if it simply has to be sweet then try a date, or a piece of apple sprinkled with cinnamon, I’m definitely going to try it!

Salt features heavily in Linda’s protocol, she also recommends therapeutic baths, and I was intrigued by her suggestion of a sea salt and bicarbonate of soda bath which she says is amazing for neutralising radiation.

Obviously she recommends opting for real food and organic where possible, there are some fabulous recipes in the book – from quick courgette soup, through to Dr Linda’s Dal with veggies and Tamari Ginger Barbeque Chicken. She has some suggestions for juices and teas and some great recipes for dressings and sauces.

Its not only about physical wellbeing, she writes extensively about mental and emotional balance and offers suggestions for simple meditations, and of course recommends getting out into nature.

I haven’t been as excited about a health and wellbeing book since I read my very first one Endless Energy by Lesley Kenton in the late 1980’s. Along with the incredible old out of print book Naturecure by Harry Benjamin, that was what started me on my path, which eventually led to me writing Imperfectly Natural Woman. One of the greatest compliments readers have paid me over the years is to tell me that they have ‘worn out’ my book, because its got so many marked sections, corners turned in, post it notes and scribbles, I’m honoured and one things for sure, I will almost certainly need to order another one of Linda’s books, I suspect it will be ‘worn’ pretty soon.

Harmonic Healing 6 weeks to restored energy, complete detoxification and total wellness is published by Hay House

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