Restful Sober Sleep and Refreshed Sober Wake-up

Are you sober curious or already sober… if so, the process of self care is super important! 

Drinking usually brings with it. hangovers, headaches, loss of sleep, loss of energy, physical and emotional imbalance due to sugar spikes, cravings….to name a few of the negatives.

Once we ditch the booze, we can start to reclaim who we are, our energy, and the joy of restorative sleep. It can be tricky, and I have been through it all and learned SO MUCH.

So I’m going to share with you my absolute top tips that work for a restful sleep AND for a joyful morning. 

Tried and tested tips to prepare for sleep (including practical and mindset) …. 

What to do when you first wake up.

How to move into your day to feel grounded, centred and in control.

What to eat for a nutrition packed breakfast.

A simple, practical checklist that you can start NOW!


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