Want a Happy Healthy Sober 2021?

Motivational Masterclass

Thanks for joining or registering for our online class, We covered a lot about asking yourself the right questions, and about the amazing benefits of choosing to be alcohol free.  Remember is never only about ‘not drinking’, Sobriety Rocks!

This replay is available for non members to watch till Sat 30th Jan 10pm

Please do grab a copy of Happy Healthy Sober – Ditch the booze and take control of your life and please write me a nice review!

You can find all the Alcohol Free Life podcasts here.

If you aren’t already a member do check out The Sober Club, its a full membership portal perfect for you if you are Sober curious, Day 1 through to year 6 . its all about living your best life. Membership includes the online course Get the Buzz without the booze. and when you join there are some great free gifts.  Check out the membership info.


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