How is Dry January working for you?  Thinking of carrying on with sobriety, moderating and becoming a ‘mindful drinker’, or are you finding that ditching the booze isn’t as easy as you’d hoped? Maybe you have managed a bunch of sober days or even months but you know there could be an easier way and you are now starting to recognise that without the ‘booze haze’, maybe you are interested in good nutrition, selfcare and emotional wellbeing.

In this 90 minute on-line motivational session Janey Lee Grace, host of the Alcohol Free Life podcast and author of Happy Healthy Sober – Ditch the booze and take control of your life, will share with you some top tips for how to make the early weeks and months easier.

Whats the best way to deal with triggers and cravings?

Can we really calm the inner talk and see off the ‘Wine Witch’?

How should we deal with the ‘sugar monster’ and cross addictions?

What about our relationships and those around us?

What can we drink when we aren’t drinking alcohol?

What are the common unwelcome symptoms in early sobriety?

This motivational masterclass is not for you if you are clinically dependent on alcohol, but if you are drinking more than you want to, or are in the process of ditching the booze (notice I don’t say giving up, because you are only gaining!) then join us for an information packed session where you will leave feeling equipped with some tips and tools and feeling motivated

There will be time for Question and Answer and you are welcome to email questions in advance.

Janey Lee Grace is the founder of an online portal of inspirational content and private community for people who are sober curious up to many years sober – We focus on living your best life without the booze



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