Having someone to hold you accountable can make all the difference.

We recently held an Accountability Challenge in The Sober Club and it was wonderful to see that people literally pushed through their cravings, found another way to scratch the itch BECAUSE they knew that if they didn’t they’d be fessing up the next day.

Without doubt coaching can help, when you have someone to guide you, advise and get alongside you it makes all the difference, and doing this accountability challenge made me recognize that not everyone can afford 1-1 coaching, and some just don’t have time for regular long sessions, for some it doesn;t feel like quite the right time, they aren’t quite ready to dig deep into nutrition, mindset, creating some positive new software to resolve traumas, but they are at the point where they just want to quit the booze, they know its time to break the spiral, to interrupt the pattern, and its so much easier if someone has your back.

I’ve created a launch offer of a low cost 12 weeks to sobriety 1-1 accountability programme, its not a substitute for in depth coaching but its a fantastic kick start to help you do what you say you want to do.  We start with an initial 1-1 clarity call, to determine your goals and your individual circumstances, then you check in weekly for 12 weeks and I make recommendations, you have access to me via Whats App and you also get the full Get the Buzz without the booze course (worth £125)

I can’t be with you 24/7 but if you have invested in this, and made a commitment, you know that when the wine witch calls, or you get triggered and just want to hit the f**k it button, you will have to pause and think twice because you know that you will have to fess up to me!  I am kind and non judgement, but I can sure kick ass when I am holding the vision for you!

Of course I hope you will be a member of The Sober Club too, magic happens when you stay connected to like minded people

There are very limited slots for the 1-1 Accountability package, join us here, or drop me an email if you have any questions


Yes I want in to the 12 week sobriety 1-1 accountability package

One of our members has been sober for a long time and wrote a lovely post sharing her thoughts.

‘Just wanted to jump on here on accountability week and say hi to all. It’s been great to see new peeps join this week too! Just brilliant ! You are all in the right place. This gang is the coolest, there’s no bullies in the school of sober, just friends, we are all kind and cool. This friendly club really does rock. The connection here for me is the most important thing. I joined SC in Nov 2019 and just lingered for a while. I met Janey in Jan 2020 at the mindful drinking festival after 1 month of not drinking and went on her first retreat in Suffolk at the end of that month. Then my world changed. I got through dry Jan by sheer determination and just counting down the days but that weekend I learned that there is true joy in being sober and I could see all the positives, the health, the happiness, …lists and lists I wrote, I was truly excited for the first time ever about not drinking!!

For me it’s just been the best thing ever for all sorts of reasons but the biggest reason ( why I’m on here waffling!)is connection. . I have become an accredited coach. I’ve also gone through a separation with my husband which has been tough, but easier sober. Two years ago I would never believe I could have done this but I’ve done this mainly because of the friendship and connection in this fabulous group. Thank you to all from the bottom of my heart. Thank you Janey Lee Grace for literally helping me change my life around. To everyone starting on this journey we are all with you. Stay connected ,  Just this morning I read this “ remember the days you prayed for what you have now” Because you are reading this I know you’ve woken up in the night before praying to stop. You’ve done it! You are part of the best gang ever whether you on day 1 or 1001  big hugs’ K

Join us in The Sober Club and sign up now for the 12 week 1-1 Accountability package 



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