Have you come across the power of NLP?  Neuro Linguistic Programming can be super helpful for supporting us in getting rid of limiting beliefs that are holding us back.

One process we learn in NLP is Bateson’s levels of learnings in relation to change

Learning takes place on different logical levels, and for all of us, changing things at a lower level may affect upper levels, but if you support the change at the higher levels that might affect the lower levels too.  So for example when someone has a life changing event, they sometimes very quickly decide to change many areas of their life, and quite quickly go through the levels because they are feeling totally motivated to make change.

Robert Dilt’s summarised Bateson’s levels of learning

It starts with 0 – There is no change, you have some negative behaviours and are stuck in a rut

Learning 1 is when you are making gradual and incremental changes. You may still be making corrections or modifications at the behavioural level

Learning 2 – Rapid but discontinuous change, there may be a shift in response in another area of your behaviour, your values and beliefs

Learning 3 – At the identity level, is evolutionary change that involves significant alterations that move outside the identity or original ‘box’ It could be a complete change of beliefs

Learning 4 – Revolutionary change – completely new and transformative, this may be at the spiritual level.

Is there a behaviour change you want to make?  A limiting belief that you want to get rid of?

Ask yourself – Where am I on this scale?

I’ve had clients who are caught in a trap of overeating, or are in a relationship that isn’t working for them, I’ve worked with someone who ditched the booze but then realise that she wasn’t living er purpose and decided to change career completely. 

Here’s an example of one client I worked with who was addicted to her work, lets call her T.

T became convinced that she was indispensable, allowed no time for breaks or relaxation time and was on the road to burnout. 

She started to recognise the need to make some corrections; she spoke to her boss and asked what might be in place for lightening her work load.  (level 1)

T quickly changed her schedule and allowed herself one day off a week, but still found it a little hard to relax on her day off, and during the working week was still working way too many hours and feeling exhausted. (level 2)

When T realised that she was still on the road to burnout, she began to make changes to her working day, She realised that she could incorporate some exercise into her day, prep her meals in advance so that gave her a little more control over her day (level 3)

Over time she completely revolutionised her life, asked to go part time, started a new hobby and felt like a different person.  Her health and wellbeing improved beyond all recognition (level 4) Ta Da!

If you are struggling with anything right now, try to remember that change isn’t instant,  Ask yourself what is going on for you, where you are in the ‘levels of learning’ and whether there is anything more you can do at the higher level  to support the lower levels, What that means is that if we can reframe our beliefs and emotions, we can get real clarity on how we can change some of the ‘basics’ in order to accelerate the change we want, albeit recognizing ‘one step at a time’.

So what do you want? Where do you want to be? Where are you now?

Be kind to yourself.

Reach out if you need help, I offer 1-1 coaching, NLP techniques can be very powerful. Please DM me, or email janey at janeyleegrace.com

Connection always helps so think about joining us in The Sober Club, and if you would like to consider doing some core skill training in NLP to improve your relationships, limiting beliefs et al check out Beyond NLP, please let them know I sent you!


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