There was a LOT riding on the footy recently, the swell of anticipation won’t have escaped your notice, the absolute ‘insistence’ that England were bringing it home, the frenetic excitement as the pubs and the streets filled up and as a nation people came together to celebrate…determined that England would win.

All the eggs were in the one basket, and as someone who doesn’t much follow football, of course I felt invested, especially as I have a hubby and three sons who love the beautiful game, but I found myself feeling nervous on their behalf, and a little bit wobbly if, God forbid, England didn’t win…after all that!.

None of my guys would discuss it, ‘Not a variable’ they said, they HAVE to win! That was the feeling of the nation.

Well as you will be will aware they didn’t……Depending on how you define winning.

There is a school of thought that says Gareth Southgate and his team absolutely won the hearts of the nation, they won through to the final, they won our total respect and they gave us back a sense of ‘togetherness’,

As for the very cool Marcus Rashford, as one tweet said just after the game…

‘Marcus, you made sure the kids were fed – that’ll do‘ #respect

He is a role model for sure, a changemaker. He literally turned his own life around. It wasn’t until today that I realised he has written a best selling book, its not for us really, its for kids but I reckon we can all learn from it.

You are a Champion How to be the best you can be shows kids how to:
– Be comfortable with who you are – you can’t be a champion until you’re happy being you!
– Dream big
– Practise like a champion
– Get out of your comfort zone and learn from your mistakes
– Navigate adversity in a positive way
– Find your team
– Use your voice and stand up for others
– Never stop learning

We all need that stuff right?

There are some takeaways to the ‘England losing’ story I reckon, it can be nervewracking putting all your eggs in one basket, pinning ALL hopes on something that is totally not within your control, there were undoubtedly a lot of very dissapointed fans today, but I so hope they will be able to focus on some of the positives.

We can all ask ourselves how we fare with some of Marcus’ recommendations for kids. We can ask whether we are comfortable with who we are, until I ditched the booze I certainly wasn’t. I couldn’t navigate adversity easily, and I preferred to drown my sorrows rather than learn from my mistakes. I think its hard to dream big when you are drinking too, alcohol makes your world smaller

I was exceptionally grateful that I didn’t have to suffer the effects of ‘hangover monday’ I’m guessing there were many many people crying into their sixteenth pint of beer who felt well worse for wear today, thank goodness it is entirely possible to celebrate – and commiserate without booze.

Are you a champion? Are you the best you can be? I’m guessing that if you are still drinking, there will be a little voice saying…actually no, I am not fully engaged in living my best life…seems easier to just have another drink.

Marcus’ book is all about resilience, once they are over the dissapointment the England team will ‘heal together’ and bounce back. We can all dream big, and aim to be the best we can be

Just ditch the booze, life is so much better without it. Be the Champion you were born to be.

As for Marcus’s suggestion that we ‘find our team’, we do need connection, we all need cheerleaders, people who have paved the way, and truly support us.

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