Its been a bonkers busy week and I’ve had my fair share of bumping into celebs. Tues 12th was the BBC Children in Need ‘KaRyoke’ (spelt that way because the R stands for Rylan Clark Neal) who completed a 24 hour karoake session to raise money for the charity. Lots of celebs popped by to sing with him of course including Rick Astley (I was Rick-rolled!) Nicole Sherzinger, Dermot O Leary, to name just a few. I got to sing a duet ‘Don’t go breaking my heart’ which was fun and with my co-horts Steve Wright and Tim Smith we did a version of You’re the one that I want!

It was actual (for me anyways) SOBER karaoke!

After that I went straight down to the launch of new drinks brand The Clean Liquor company, from Spencer Matthews who has just had his first sobervesary He told GQ mag “I’ve unlocked parts of my mind that I didn’t know were there. I function at 80 per cent capacity, where before I had my hands tied behind my back,” He was there with his stunning wife, the fashion model Vogue Williams and none other than Pippa Middleton.

The headlines screamed… ‘Pippa Middleton  joined Spencer Matthews and his Wife Vogue Williams at the launch of their new alcohol free brand The Clean Liquor Co. The new alcohol company founded this year, provides low or no-alcohol drinks. The Express told us ….Pippa was attending the event and wowed in a pair of bright red slimline, cigarette trousers, paired with a plain matching jumper.

But what was the clean liquor like? They had done some very artistic presentation, with table displays of juniper berries and soundcapes. (yep we actually donned headphones and listened to the sonic waves inspired by the ingredients. They had a couple of mocktails made with the ‘clean liquor’and a fabulous sorbet with toppings of cinnamon and crystallised ginger.

Worth noting though, this is NOT 0.5 ABV which is the usual in alcohol free drinks, it is in fact 1.2 per cent . Still getting my head around that one, I’ve read that anything 1.2 per cent and below is classed as alcohol free but wondering why they didn’t just make it 0.5? I probably won’t drink it, 0.5 per cent is the limit for me!

If you’ve ditched the booze, clearly you’re in good company, along with Spencer Matthews, we know that Zoe Ball who sang with Rylan on Tues is 3 years sober, Nicole has spoken out about ‘self medicating’ some years ago, and of course the big wigs including Elton John, Zac Efron, Davina Macall, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Hudson to name just a few are all Tee Total. (that’s why they look so good!)

Don’t go it alone though!

The Sober Club opens on Friday 15th November, we’d love to welcome you to be inspired, kept accountable and motivated and be part of our rocking community. We have SO many amazing resources around nutrition, mindset, purpose, relationships, and yes info and interviews about actual AF drinks, and so much more. Plus theres a rocking facebook community, video versions of the podcasts and bonus content from our amazing guests and experts. Come and join us for less per month then the price of a bottle of wine.

One amusing thing, I remembered that I wrote an article a few months back for Soul and Spirit mag, they asked me to interview a clairvoyant. Of course she gave me a reading for fun, and as she looked at my palm (she didn’t actually cross it with silver) She said ..’Oh are you connected with fashion? Moi? Nope only eco chic vintage shop styely, ‘Ah well’, she said, ‘I can see you with people connected to fashion…and Royalty!’ #spooky


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