How was Dry Jan? or did you ditch the sugar, or quit smoking? If so WELL DONE you! What now? How about continuing with the ‘streaks’

Don’t panic I’m not trying to pretend I am down with the kids, I’m not even sure what Snapchat is, but I know my young teens get very panicky if it seems they might ‘lose their streaks’ In case you aren’t up on it, on the Snapchat app, streaks count how many consecutive days two people have been sending Snaps to each other. Their ‘streaks’ get longer every day they send a streak,

Kids love it because it gives them a challenge, a sense of ‘completion and friendship, and often they use them to ‘rival’ their friends with the number of days, and maintain their continuity..

So how are your sober streaks?

However many days you have, have you asked yourself whether you will keep on keeping on? 

Why break the thread why stop while you’re on the upward trend?  Because there is no doubt you have done the hardest part!  Whatever stage you are at  the best is always yet to come (I found that hard to believe at first, but trust me, 2 years on life really does get better and better)

If you have finished Dry January and are feeling ok about it all, make sure you don’t leave it to chance.  Streaks don’t complete themselves!

In the past I had periods of ditching the booze and at the end I’d say to myself, ‘I hope this time I will continue, or moderate, I’m in control now, ‘I’ve done a month I know I can just have one’….. WRONG. The Wine Witch inevitably flew in and I was back where I started and further down the slippery slope wondering what went wrong when I had been doing so well..

You will only continue and rock this if you make a definite plan, a commitment, if you find your BIG WHY

Whatever behaviour change you are aiming for, you will start to notice that as the layers come off, there is always something underneath. It’s about being conscious, Ask yourself have I consciously decided I am going to continue to be alcohol free?

Have I consciously committed to changing my relationship with alcohol? If so pat yourself on the back, and go complete those streaks, don’t let them drop. 

Get your 100!

Kids congratulate each other with a 100 emoji when they hit that mark, it’s a great number of alcohol free days to aim for!  Do it to challenge yourself, to ‘rival’ your friends, to stay connected, to feel good about yourself…You’re worth it.

On that note February is the month of (Self) love

Join our self-love and meditation challenge in the sober club, so do consider joining us (you can cancel at any time. Don’t forget in addition to our challenge (all the resources will be coming at ya before Feb 14 ) there is s free hypnosis audio download (worth 9.99) and masses of content – an online course Get the buzz without the booze and of course our amazingly supportive Facebook group So if you want some encouragement inspiration and accountability plus simple resources including guided meditation, exclusive interviews and accountability

Join us ahead of our self-love / meditation mash-up challenge 


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