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Ailsa Frank is a leading hypnotherapist and an alcohol reduction specialist, seen on the BBC One programme, ‘Hayley goes Sober’, The Telegraph and the Daily Mail. She has helped thousands of people, from all walks of life, including busy parents, CEO’s, actors and singers, to overcome their home and work life challenges and to take control of their drinking. Ailsa is the author of the International book Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing (published by Hay House), a keynote speaker and globally sells her successful range of hypnosis downloads, on an array of topics.

In 2002, Ailsa’s own life fell apart during a divorce, when she lost custody of her 10-year-old daughter after experiencing a mental breakdown. In 2005, Ailsa retrained as a hypnotherapist as she was so impressed with the effectiveness of the techniques which had proved vital to her own recovery. She began working with hypnotherapy to help other people to build a more positive life, which is when she discovered that most of her clients were struggling with drinking too much alcohol. She developed a system to help people reduce down their drinking to set them free.

What Ailsa says, ‘ The bottom line is people need support in every area of their life to successfully let go of alcohol, as once you begin to go sober it uncovers other layers which need addressing. I help clients deal with stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness, money worries, drinking, weight issues and emotional and relationship problems.

My hypnosis downloads have grown out of my own ability to understand others suffering having hit such a rock bottom myself. The recordings allow people to help themselves in the privacy of their own home which is often important to them.

I simplify therapy so it makes sense to you, giving  tools to move your mind on quickly. My hypnosis recordings are comprehensive and detailed with practical advice and get to the root of the problem.’


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