Want to experience Family Constellations but not able to get to Herts?
As a ‘one-off’ Rafe and I are offering an online session on Friday 18 November at 7.45 for 8pm  £55.00 Pay Here
We have set the time quite late as we have had enquiries from a few members in the US and Aus. Those of us in the UK, PJ’s are welcome! The session will last approximately 2 hours.  Of course it isn’t quite the same as being in the workshop, but it its still very powerful!   It would be appreciated if you’d participate by having your camera on, as its interactive, and please note there will be no recordings.
Family Constellations is one of the best and quickest ways to get ‘unstuck’, change perceptions and release some limiting beliefs  We had a very powerful workshop last week, it was amazing seeing the ‘shifts’ that happened, one woman said that she literally felt a pain that she had in her chest disappear, it was as if a heartache had gone! 
Leading trauma expert Rafe says;Working with ‘ancestral healing enables us to notice what’s going in the people’s systems – their family, their environment, their history. We inherit things from our past and we pick up things along the journey of life, and some of it is not helpful. Family secrets, early deaths, traumas experienced, all contribute to our current state. Adverse Childhood Experience adds to the catalogue of “stuff” we carry with us. If we don’t manage to deal with it, it contributes to ill health mentally, physically and emotionally as we get older.  At a constellation workshop we safely explore these aspects using representatives chosen from the attendees. The issue holder (and the others present) get to see where the “stuff” belongs. And knowing that, enables a final leaving it where it belongs’
It can be hard to describe constellations work, check out the slightly ‘cheesy’ Netflix series Another Self, or just come with an open mind   You are welcome to message me for a quick chat to see if its right for you. No experience is necessary, you don’t need to come with any prior knowledge, the attendees that are invited to do their ‘issue’ will just begin by sharing a few facts about what they’d like to look at.

Here is the link to pay (or you can contact us for bank details if you prefer)

Pay Here  £55.00

Contact janey  @janeyleegrace.com for more info


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