Rae Rituals Founder, Christina Rae Almeida, helps women in recovery heal and release trauma and support each other in sisterhood. The focus of her work is helping women heal through rituals and somatic work.

I’m delighted to be able to interview Christina on ZOOM on 15th November at 19.30, where not only will we be talking about the game changing work she does, but we’ll be conducting a Live Breathwork Session on Zoom.

If you would like to be part of this fabulous FREE event, register your place HERE. There’s limited places, so hurry!

More about Christina…

Rae Rituals Founder, Christina Rae Almeida, a Mexican American with a history of disconnection, trauma, and addiction, underwent a profound transformation in her life. Before embarking on her journey to sobriety, she faced a challenging past, marked by sexual trauma, PTSD, and a reliance on medications for ADD and anxiety. She was what some might call a “functioning alcoholic”, but no doctor had diagnosed the root issue.

Christina decided to break free from this cycle, recognizing her physical dependence on medications and the dire need for change. She encountered withdrawals and seizures during this process, but her body, despite everything, persisted. It became clear that she had become disconnected from her own body.

‘The breath has become my medicine’

Today, as a breathwork coach, Christina understands that the body, especially the breath, holds the key to healing and innate wisdom. Through the support of a supportive community, breathwork practices, and unwavering determination, she has emerged as a sober, joyful individual, on the verge of launching a new business and living the life of her dreams.

The turning point in Christina’s journey came with a series of events. She saw her seizures as a divine intervention, which ultimately made her question the way medications are prescribed in society. A yoga teacher training programme helped her reconnect with her body, releasing stored emotions.

In 2020, Christina underwent a profound breathwork journey, which allowed her to revisit past traumas and release associated emotions. This experience deepened her connection to her body and her breath. Subsequently, she committed to a 30-day intensive rehabilitation program, addressing the root causes of her addiction and trauma, committing to a new way of life. She has now been sober from all substances for almost two years.

Breathwork has played a pivotal role in Christina’s healing journey, becoming her source of healing and transformation. It allowed her to regain control over her physical and emotional well-being. Christina’s breath has become her medicine, and she is passionate about sharing its potential to help others.

Christina’s decision to change her relationship with alcohol was driven by the desire to live again. Along the way, she discovered practices that nourished her body and soul, finding a profound sense of power and purpose. As a breathwork coach, she now leads retreats and has a  community, sharing the rituals and breath practices that once saved her life to help others facing similar challenges. She is on a mission to become a leading figure in the breathwork community, particularly as a representative for women in the field. Christina is writing a book to share her personal experiences and insights, making breathwork more accessible to people.

You’re invited to an exclusive interview and breathwork session with Christina, where she will encourage us all to see the power in ‘self connection’ and own our uniqueness.

If you would like to be part of this fabulous FREE event, register your place HERE. There’s limited places, so hurry!

November 15 at 7.30 UK time on ZOOM.


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