Want a flexible coaching option that won’t break the bank? 

Want to be held accountable but can’t afford regular coaching?  Or maybe you don’t have the time to accommodate hour long coaching sessions. Some clients have told me they were worried about ‘relapsing’, concerned about going to be going out to a social event last minute….but were unsure about contacting me because they had their weeks coaching session that day. …

Of course 1:1 coaching is where remarkable breakthroughs and lasting results can be achieved, I offer solution based coaching with EFT / Matrix and NLP, but it’s not always feasible for everyone. That’s why I’ve created an S.O.S. Accountability package

The Save our Sobriety 1-1 Accountability package is 1-1 with me, but its ‘on the go’, Its like having ‘Janey in your pocket’  If you’re dreading navigating the supermarket aisles, avoiding the alcohol, finding yourself at the office party, feeling overwhelmed by sober shamers….You can simply message me, and I will reply ASAP with a written or voice message.

Now realistically, I’m not AI, so it can’t be literally 24.7 but we can agree some potential ‘red flag’ times, and we can pinpoint when I won’t be available.  I am however, able to be very flexible, as its only for a 3 week period.

This is ideal for those who don’t want to be tied down by regular hour-long coaching sessions, but still need help and support with their challenges as and when they arise.  All communication will take place over WhatsApp, and whenever you need help, tips, support, or encouragement, you can leave either a voice call or a message. I will respond ASAP and unless I’ve given your prior warning that I am away, it will be within 24 hours – often it will be immediately.

This is great for when you feel your thoughts starting to turn to alcohol, you sense the wine witch may be paying you a visit, perhaps you have family occasions coming up, maybe you know you want some reassurance or support ahead of a social meeting or tricky conversation.  You can reach out, and I will offer up some ideas that will give you an extra shot of encouragement and motivation – and solutions.

How it works

  • We start with a 30 minute motivational call to find out whats going on, and what your intentions are, we will craft an action plan together and agree the most likely times for our messages. (if known)
  • You message regularly via WhatsApp, and whenever you are feeling concerned or just want encouragement or even some hard hitting reminders, you can leave a voice message or write it down.  I will respond asap, definitely within 24 hours but typically I will respond within 1-2 hours, unless, of course I am asleep.

‘Janey’s help and guidance have been invaluable during this on the go package.. From the start she told me the home truths I needed to hear and when I slipped up she gave me the kick up the backside I needed to continue on my sober journey.
She armed me with the tools to help myself when those cravings hit me and I’ve been using them ever since.
Thank you Janey’, V.

Is this right for me?

  • This is great for you if you are Sober Curious, and want to ‘try out’ not drinking, and focusing on everything you could be gaining from changing your relationship with alcohol.
  • You have started your alcohol free journey but are feeling a little wobbly about upcoming events / occasions.
  • You’ve been sober for a while, but have some new situations coming up where you’d like to reach out and get some support.
  • Its NOT for you if you are clinically dependent, I’m qualified to work with those who are drinking more than they want to, and want to break free from the alcohol trap, typically known as drinkers in the ‘grey zone’, rather than those who need medical supervision.

I’m here as your coach to be by your side, hold space for you and hold you accountable.


I’m in! 

If this resonates with you and you feel like signing up, we can dive right in!  REPLY to this email and I’ll get you enrolled right away.  The package runs for 3 weeks from our initial motivational phone call and costs just £347 (Discount for Sober Club members, message for details) 

Email:  Janey@janeyleegrace.com Mark your email Sober SOS and give me some info about where you’re at currently.

Spaces are very limited (obviously) so get in quick!  


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