After all these years it seems I’ve made it, and I’m ahead of the curve. (!) The society ‘bible’ Tatler has published its list of the new must-have status symbols for 2020 and it’s all about embracing JOMO the joy of missing out.

Who’d have thought I’d get to tick any boxes!  It’s not what you’d imagine from this v definitely working class girl who favours charity shop eco chic to designer clothes and cites a chip butty as amongst her fave foods, but amidst the top status symbols for 2020 is …wait for it.: .Being Sober

In case you are needing to buy a gift for a significant other, Tatler print a list of ‘must have’ gifts including a Tesla,, a Mac worth 54k (no, not the make-up!) and a list of wealthy divorcees to keep your eye on, but alongside it there is this Tatler approved checklist of trends, status symbols to tick off, if you are to be seen to be ‘up there’ with the upper echelons of society.

I confess there’s a few I will struggle with,

Never carrying cash, (I mean come on it may work for Royalty, and I get that many coffee shops etc now only take cards, but it so doesn’t work when you have kids who need exact change for the bus and need to give a pound for non-uniform day)

Being contributing editor to a glossy mag, it’s unlikely I will be invited, though if Top Sante, Natural Health or any of the others want to give me a buzz I’m game

A trophy husband, –  I already have a hubby and he is gorgeous and talented,  but not a shiny cup to be ‘shown off’,

Silver cross pram – My days of prams are over, (God I hated the pressure of having the latest Bugaboo ) and despite the fact that I tick the ‘Having lots of children’ box (I have 4) it’s unlikely they will be models.

But a few I can manage:

Sleeping is on the list; I do quite a lot of that, – tick,

Not wearing make-up…mmm, tick …sometimes…while I get that we should embrace our inner beauty, I don’t have an issue with my organic makeup, my features are such that without it I look a bit like Winnie the Pooh.

Crying (guess they mean being willing show emotion) big tick, I cry ALL the time,

And the one that I can most definitely shout oud and proud,  Being Sober

Of course its tongue in cheek but just the fact that ‘Being Sober is on that list, is oh so interesting. (Do note that owning a vineyard is on the list too)

Are you sober or planning to be in 2020?  It seems you’re right on trend, in the zeitgeist, you are already ‘woke’ and how cool it is too.

On a serious note, one bit of me hates the fact that ‘being sober’ is included on a list such as this, which trivialise it as a trend rather like eating kale and having your chakras re balanced (not that there’s anything wrong with either of those)  We all know that trends come and go, and people jump onto them in order to be seen to be doing the ‘in’ thing.   I also feel uncomfortable with sobriety being linked to the ‘elite’ in some way.  Addiction doesn’t care who it takes as prisoner, but the beauty is anyone whatever their financial status can choose sobriety, you may not be rich, but you will most certainly become rich in the currency of freedom.

Choosing to be sober is not a transient fashionable trend, here today gone tomorrow, if you really have recognised that your life is better physically and emotionally without the booze, its life changing.  Literally, It will be singularly one of the most important choices you will ever make in your life, and yes, it s all about the joy of missing out,

I have no desire ever again to hang out with people I have nothing in common with, wasting hours of my life in crappy places drinking crappy drinks and behaving badly, feeling like s**t and wondering what I’d said when I’d had a few.

How you got sober isn’t important either, I do believe it doesn’t matter which route gets you to your best sober self.  So if you’re choosing to be sober only to be on trend and gather another status symbol in 2020, do go for it. Try Dry January, sleep a lot, cry a lot and  leave your make-up off, maybe you will even manage a few more of their so called status symbols (just don’t buy a vineyard!) 

But my top tip is while you’re sampling sobriety, don’t be counting the days till you end your stint, or complete your challenge, immerse yourself in inspirational quit lit, podcasts and connect with other sober people who love it.  Catch sight of the life that awaits you without the booze, your world will open up and you may catch a glimpse of your best self, The authentic you,  Being sober makes you brave and you won’t give two hoots about status symbols, only that you are finally living your best life in proper technicolour. Sobriety Rocks – Who Knew!

Don’t forget to connect with like-minded people www.thesoberclub.,com


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