Do you have top sobriety tips or a cool story to share?

I’m writing a book!, its official, it’s been a long time planning but it is finally a definite and will be published at the end of 2020 …I know I know, it will mark the end of a very strange year!

I can’t tell you the title just now but it will of course be about my journey to sobriety and will focus on the joy beauty and amazingness of living a life without the booze. If will also bring a wealth of info and expertise and tips around optimum health and wellbeing, everything from great nutrition to the right mindset, meditation, relationships and finding your purpose.

But I need your help! When I wrote my first book Imperfectly Natural Woman, despite the fact that I was a bit ahead of my time, (I sometime  joke that I was writing about kale and coconut oil  before they had their own publicists)  it was an Amazon Number One best seller, and continued to sell for years and years. I occasionally get emails from people who tell me they still have their ‘dog-eared ‘copy and they hang on to it because its full of amazing little nuggets of information and ideas. 

One of the reasons for this is that I invited a whole host of ‘imperfectly natural’ people to write their tips, and I am convinced that’s what made the book so special. It wasn’t just me recommending what really works; There were powerful tips, and relatable stories from lots of different people.

So I’d love you to consider writing a few lines for me to use in the book, you don’t have to be ‘named’ (though initials would be great) Lets be honest its great seeing your words in print, and just think how many people might be inspired by you!

Here’s what I’d love.  Your succinct top tips for staying sober (something that worked for you), the benefits you have experienced, and if it’s relevant for you, I’d like to include a section on anti-ageing so your experience of how ditching the booze has helped you look / feel younger.

The hardest bit is keeping it short!  I’d love you to submit 150 words or less and ideally the format should be along the lines of;

The ‘angle’ you are focusing on..

For example,  ‘My top tip for staying sober is to xxx and xxx

Something personal to you; ‘This worked for me because xx and xxxx

A ‘sum up’ : The benefits have been amazing, I’ve found that xx and xx

Your initials (or name)  JC  London

You don’t have to follow this format at all, just an idea but whatever you want to share would be amazing.

Please note that by submitting your mini story / tips, you are agreeing to it being edited to suit, and used in the publication.  Submission doesn’t guarantee inclusion and the final decision will be made by the editor / publisher

 Please email your story / tip to me asap, latest date is July 20th 2020 and mark your email My tip Email me:

I can’t wait to read your tips and stories!


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