Its the first ever alcohol free ‘Tequila’ they say, called Mockingbird and its so nice!
Read my post about it here. If you were a Tequila fan you will love it, or you may just fancy something a bit different. Tequila is traditionally made by fermenting the sugars of the Blue Agave, a spiky, mineral coloured plant native to South America. It’s the Blue Agave plant that gives Tequila that distinctive flavour profile, so creating the alternative alcohol-free option was the beginning. Mockingbird searched for quality, quantity and a healthy dose of expertise to get the perfect choice. Their chosen Blue Agave comes right from the source in the town of Tequila, Mexico. Its full name is Agave Tequilana Blue Weber – Ol’ Blue for short.

It also contains Ashwaganda , an adaptogen that helps your mind and body manage stress and anxiety. Basically, the exact opposite to what alcohol does!. Ashwagandha was decided as the hero ingredient due to its immune boosting benefits to both the mental and physical aspects of our human physiology. Where booze brings you down, 100% organic Ashwagandha lifts you up, naturally helping you to feel more productive.
I will be running a competition to win some, Meanwhile there’s a special offer –

Use the code SOBERCLUB20 for 20% off full size bottles


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