Welcome to February, the month of self-love. Some of our Sober Club members came along to a retreat recently. Most of our themes were around how much we really value ourselves. You can get a taste of our retreat sessions if you make sure you are part of the Self love / meditation Mash-up Challenge in The Sober Club. We start on Friday Feb 7th and end on Valentine’s Day, and the aim is that you will incorporate one or more new resources, techniques or practices into your daily routine. You will get free access to amazing meditations, guided visualisations, written tips and inspirational quotes. Hopefully whatever stage you are at, you will find something that you can add to your toolbox for self-love /meditation and mindfulness. It will all be accessible via email and within the member’s portal and there will be extra inspiration on our Facebook group, so do ask to join if you aren’t already a member there (you don’t have to post!).

You can only access these resources as a Sober Club member so if you know anyone who might like to join do send them to this link: https://www.thesoberclub.com/join-the-club/ . Remember it isn’t necessarily about ‘getting sober’ more about up-levelling everything to be the best version of you.

During the challenge author of The Sober Diaries Clare Pooley will do a live zoom on the importance of journalling and allowing your creativity to flow. Mark Monday 10th Feb at 7pm in your diary. We have amazing guided meditations from Jo De Rosa, an incredible meditation teacher and founder of Inner Guidance where we held our last Sobriety Rocks retreat, Rachael Welford, who offers us a lovely guided visualisation and a short interview with some great tips on mirror work (yep as in Louise Hay) with leading coach Fiona Drake. There is also a meditation with the angels with Beverley Densham and some wonderful inspirational words from Harriet Waley-Cohen, that’s just for starters!

There are so many different ways to a sustainable self love and meditation practice, note the word practice because you do actually have to do it regularly, not just talk about it, but not show up as I used to! You will only need to commit fifteen minutes of your day, preferably in the morning, and another five mins at night if you can, and the ‘bite-sized’ resources should offer you a selection box of tools and resources to start, if you are a beginner, or spice up your meditation and self care if you are already on the right track. Join us as a member if you haven’t already!


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