Are you playing small?

So many of us feel that we can’t do whatever the big thing is that we say we want to do, we believe that everyone else can ditch the booze, lose weight, be happy, get the partner of their dreams, land their perfect job, and on and on…but little me? ‘Nope I’m not up to it’

Several of my 1-1 coaching clients recently have admitted that they see posts in our Sober Club community that make them feel that they just can’t keep up.  This is the problem with social media of course, people regularly present their best life, the ‘glossed up’ version of whats really going on, but I am proud that we have a wonderful balance of the positive inspirational posts and those brave enough to pop up and ask for help when its needed

None of us are immune to these ‘poor me’ thoughts. We all have our limiting beliefs, for me it’s been battling with Imposter Syndrome, for years I have not felt ‘enough’, I’m not a good enough business woman, I don’t have millions of social media followers etc and yet I know that Comparison is the thief of joy! It’s not about whether you measure up to someone else’s dream, its whether you are going after your own.

I did a facebook live in my group recently and shared that I had heard the wonderful coach Carol Boston saying that good coaches can ‘Hold a vision for you, until you can step into it yourself.

That’s exactly how I feel about The Sober Club, I absolutely hold the vision for all the members, some are in the early stages of ditching the booze, others have long cracked that issue, and are now focusing on optimum health and wellbeing goals, new careers, personal goals or totally pivoting their life.  I also shared Carol’s wonderful analogy of our limiting beliefs literally trapping us, she said:

‘You can’t see the label when you are inside the jar!’ 

Its so true!  When we are literally trapped, swimming around in our own negativity, feeling sorry for ourselves and unable to see the way out, we can’t see the label, which just might say…

Hope! Happiness, Beautiful human being inside!

This caused hilarity in our group with one member suggesting that the label might say ‘Past her sell-by date’ but it did make us all more aware of the need to get over ourselves and look at our own situations from a different perspective.

One member said:

Yesterday a male friend of mine said I was like Patsy from AB Fab but without the drugs and booze and fags, thinking I was going to take offence and I said ….you know what I will have that  so in my new second chance at life, that’s my new persona   .I am climbing out of the jar I have been stuck in all week and today I shall mostly be creating a whole tool box of labels for my Jar I shall be calling my AB FAB AF LIFE JAR.
It’s wonderful to know you are holding a vision for us it gives me hope. Thank you all for helping me get here. As you said this morning Janey this really is our second chance at life and for me this is non-negotiable

So are you inside your jar? Is it full of negativity?  Can you actually see the wonderful positive words on the label?

If you can’t quite see it yet, know that I will hold the vision for you!


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