Dimitri, founder of GIMBER, a contemporary art lover and producer, dreaded attending yet another event where they served bad wine or sugary soft drinks so he started looking for a drink that could spice up his taste buds, without making his head spin.   (listen to Dimitri on the Alcohol Free Life podcast)

Failing to find one, he created all kinds of combinations and experimentations until one day the ingredients came together and Dimitri made himself a personal bottle. Soon friends forced him to make bottles for them as well. His wife served it to her clients in her decoration store and GIMBER became a local success. Some people drove fifty kilometers or more to buy a bottle. In an online world, that’s saying something about commitment. 

GIMBER is the organic alternative to any alcoholic drink, packed full as a concentrate with 38% organic and high-quality ginger, organic lemons, herbs and spices, creating a powerful and tasteful drink. The exact recipe is a top secret that Dimitri only shares with his mother and twelve-year-old son. 

Gingerol is one of the most important components of ginger. It’s what gives it its kick and together with ‘shogaol’, it gives ginger its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities. Gingerol lowers cholesterol levels, has a positive effect on digestion and much more. 

The GIMBER Perfect Serve is to pour out 3 cl of GIMBER into your glass and add 20 cl of (cold) sparkling water. It’s simple and delicious!  

You can make GIMBER mocktails or cocktails during those sunny spring or summer days, you can cozy up with a GIMBER tea in fall or wintertime, or just drink it with some sparkling water throughout the whole year.  

The ultimate trick against hangover… don’t drink coffee. Drink a warm GIMBER or a pure shot instead. Ginger helps blood flow and has a vasodilator effect. This helps the brain quickly have enough fluids again. 

GIMBER is probably the most versatile drink in the world. Not only can it be used to create different types of drinks, it’s also a great product for cooking. The possibilities are endless! You can find plenty of recipes on the website: 

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