With Halloween recently, while we have been carving pumpkins, and gathering copious amounts of sweets and scary ghoul costumes for the kids, lets not forget that Halloween has its origins in Celtic tradition ‘Allhollowtide’, and honours saints and departed souls.

Halloween is one of many traditions that honour the dead, focusing on family members who have passed, and respecting the impact they made on our lives. 
Many people are familiar with ‘Day of the Dead’ the Mexican tradition that celebrates souls on November 1st and there are many associated rituals and celebrations.

There is a fascinating tradition in India called Mahalaya Amavasya.
 It honours the belief that we owe our ancestors a great deal for passing down the knowledge and tools to continue life, for allowing us to carry on the cycle.  If you haven’t considered it before, its quite something to honour our own place in our family system, and be aware of what may have been passed down through generations that we no longer need to hold on to.

The reality is that in addition to the skills, talents, personality traits and stories, generational trauma can also be passed down, and its very empowering when we realise that we are at the front of the long line of ancestors now, and we can be the one to break the cycle, to release the blocks and let go of unwanted trauma and negativity from the past.

If you do feel that your past is affecting your present – Family Constellations is one of the best and quickest ways to get ‘unstuck’  I am hosting a workshop on Sunday 6th November with leading trauma expert Rafe Nauen.
Rafe says; ‘Working with ‘ancestral healing enables us to notice what’s going in the people’s systems – their family, their environment, their history. We inherit things from our past and we pick up things along the journey of life, and some of it is not helpful. Family secrets, early deaths, traumas experienced, all contribute to our current state. Adverse Childhood Experience adds to the catalogue of “stuff” we carry with us. If we don’t manage to deal with it, it contributes to ill health mentally, physically and emotionally as we get older.  At a constellation workshop we safely explore these aspects using representatives chosen from the attendees. The issue holder (and the others present) get to see where the “stuff” belongs. And knowing that, enables a final leaving it where it belongs’

Sometimes we just need to know our ‘place’ and ‘let go’ of what what we no longer need!
Join us on Sunday 6 Nov for a one day workshop in Herts
All the info is here If you have questions just message me.

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