Through the pandemic the UK Gov had a ‘Nudge unit’ to impact our  behaviours. Top scientists and behavioural psychologists paid fortunes to persuade us to obey, the behaviours they wanted

But what about a nudge from your unconscious mind?  What about the voice that keeps telling you something, the thought that comes to you when you are journaling- you’ve committed to writing it down, so you nervously do, or the thought that keeps popping into your head when you go for a walk.

 ‘The soul nudge’ is your innermost voice encouraging you to look at something. These nudges deserve our intention, they show us our deepest desires

 If you choose to follow the ‘nudge’ all kinds of magic can happen, you can become curious as to what might be there for you.  You can start to manifest /to attract what you want into your life – maybe it’s a lesson you are open to learning or a new path?

The nudges are happening to get your attention

Even as you read about nudges,, notice if any desires come to mind, ask yourself what has been happening to you a lot, see what has been popping up.  In our group session one member said, she got a strong voice telling her…’Take more care of yourself’

Try these steps:

Close your eyes. Place your hand on your heart – Ask yourself

What is my soul telling me?

What do I want more of in my life?

What has been holding me back? 

See what comes to mind, you may want to be doing different work, something creative, you may want to be living in your dream home, travelling, being with someone you love, being happy pottering in your garden, sharing your talents with others…

Maybe you want to be free from the alcohol trap and  happy healthy sober! 

See if you can get a sense of what it is you want more of, and visualise it. See if you can see it in detail – what does the picture show?  Can you see yourself? Do you look happy ? Can you see your surroundings,?

Get a real sense of the picture and then capture it, imagine that you are screenshotting an image to file away.

Its important to note, that If you can’t see it, its unlikely to happen, so if you have a sense, but its not quite clear as a picture, just grasp the energy of what it might be, and become curious as to what it might look like when it does begin to form a picture.

Become open and curious to the nudges you might receive.

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