We all Breathe….but Breath can be medicine!

A Transformative Journey with Christina Rae’s Breathwork Session

We had a fantastic live breathwork session exclusively for The Sober Club with leading breathwork expert Christina Rae, it was so powerful!

Christina Rae Almeida (a.k.a. the breathwork queen) is a breathwork and empowerment coach, sobriety and recovery advocate, and founder and CEO of Rae Rituals, a membership community offering live and on-demand breathwork, health, and wellness rituals to support mindfulness, healing, and recovery.

 The live breathwork session with Christina Rae from Rae Rituals made a profound impact!  

Christina managed to curate a serene space even online, and her warm and inviting presence immediately set the tone for the session. Her expertise and genuine passion for breathwork became apparent as she guided us through the practice, seamlessly blending ancient techniques with modern insights.

I discovered the power of conscious breathing as a tool for relaxation and rejuvenation. The rhythmic flow she encouraged not only helped me release tension, but also allowed me to tap into a wellspring of energy, and a release of emotion.

The breathwork session was transformative.  Our attendees reported feeling renewed, recharged, and deeply connected to the essence of their being.

Christina shares her mission to help people transform their lives through breathwork by offering a self-guided masterclass called Sober and Thriving, an executive coaching program to help people cope with stress in the workplace, and free breathwork classes to Lotus House women’s shelter in Miami, Florida—where she has also raised $35K of in-kind product and monetary donations.

To learn more about Christina and her offerings, visit iamchristinarae.com or join the community at raerituals.com and follow @christinaraealmeida on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube.

Listen to Christina sharing her transformation story on the Alcohol Free Life podcast from The Sober Club 


Christina is offering a free 30-min discovery call with members via this link: HERE


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