Thinking of doing Sober October? Its a great way to kickstart sobriety, but (you knew I’d be there with a but!) rather than aim for just a month, you will see SO many more benefits if you focus on what you are gaining.
If you want more support I am offering an online group coaching programme Tapping into Freedom, secrets to sustainable sobriety, which incorporates EFT (tapping) and many more tools and practices to enable you to ‘self coach’ and take care of yourself as you make the best choices for you.  We will deal with overcoming triggers, dealing with social situations, putting selfcare rituals in place, taming the wine witch and the negative thinking, and much more.
There are v limited spaces, the early bird price ends soon.

More info here
Often we find it hard to admit even to ourselves that behaviour change is needed!

Answering some key questions truthfully helps you to dig deep to find out.

Are you ready for Change?

Let me help you along with my gift to you, a free download that you can fill in and get you started for big change – click here  If you want more connection and accountability join us in The Sober Club.


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