In The Sober Club (and at our fab mini workshop Relax and Manifest) we have been discussing how to manifest what you want, and the importance of being in alignment. If the concept of ‘manifesting’ and the law of attraction is new to you, it’s worth reading a copy of The Secret. It may get a bit ‘woo woo’ for some, but essentially its about setting intentions for what you want for your life.

Many of us recognize that we need to set goals, plan what we want, and we create vision boards, (though none of us got quite what we hoped for in 2020!) we light candles and really set those intentions, but meanwhile a whole tonne of baggage is holding us back in the form of limiting beliefs.

The fabulous David Snyder describes this as ‘Going through life on a speedboat with a high octane fuel jet engine…but with a huge anchor creating the drag’

If we want to set ourselves up to succeed and achieve what we want, then we must try and shift those ‘anchors’ and clear the limiting beliefs holding us back.

David also says:
Things that hold us back often aren’t our fault,
But it’s our responsibility to get rid of them.

That’s powerful! Many of us are kept ‘stuck’ for way too many years because we are in ‘victim’ mode. We can’t move forward because we are carrying so much old stuff from the past, and are weighed down by ‘stories’ and beliefs about ourselves that are most likely, no longer true.

Sobriety is amazing in that it affects so many areas of your life. Of course we get the physical benefits and reduced anxiety and stress, but who knew we would also get a renewed sense of purpose and a new resilience to be able to deal with our own s**t! Once you ditch the booze you start to get clarity on what you want for your life, things start to feel more possible.

Of course there are likely to still be limiting beliefs, and you can no longer numb the pain with booze, but the good news is you do become much more resilient to be able to deal with the stuff that is holding you back.

One member in our group shared with us what she is manifesting for her life and added… ‘I’m planning something big for my work, I don’t have full clarity yet. However, I’m much closer than I was on top of a bottle of wine a day. Getting excited whereas before, I was filled with dread’

That’s it you see, while being sober is not a ‘magic bullet’ it does give you clarity and  a sense of optimism.  Yes, sometimes that means facing the hard stuff, that maybe wasn’t our fault – but it is our responsibility to sort.

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