What gear are you in right now? I’m not referring to your choice of clothes but your energy levels, how is your engine (energy) revving?

We all know how it feels to be driving a car in the wrong gear, everything is screaming, noisy, feels super awkward and you’re literally ‘held back’, its also not good for your vehicle so don’t try it and see! You know how it feels when you can drop into another gear, make a shift from one to two, slip from four to five, suddenly everything drives more smoothly, you’re in ‘flow’.

Once the lightbulb comes on and you recognise that alcohol will always hold you back, it can feel like time for that change of gear, Once you quit poisoning yourself you can take control of the gear stick and choose to ‘level up’ and get back in flow

When it felt like a struggle before, it will start to feel more ‘ease’

If your engine is screaming, check in with that internal guage and ask yourself, is it time to change gear?’ You know the saying, If you do what you’ve always done, you will get what you’ve always gotten!

If you are in the early stages, just slip into the ‘sober curious’ gear, ask yourself, how brilliant is it going to feel when I am 60 / 90 days sober?
If you are a few weeks or months or even years into sobriety, its time to level up the other gears, is it time for you to really get your nutrition in order? Do you know you need some good supplements? Is it time to finally introduce some exercise or some meditation into your life?

We cover it all in The Sober Club so if you want support as you change gears join us!


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