The article came out on April Fools Day, which was pertinent because it surely was a joke?

The Daily Mail reported on a study the association between drinking and all cause mortality.In a nutshell the JAMA study

found that there was no increased risk of death from drinking, (other than very high quantities) and seemed to suggest that ‘moderate’ drinkers were less likely to die early than those who were tee total.

This doesn’t quite concur with the article in World Heart Foundation and it certainly does not concur with the findings of Dr Anya Topiwala who I interviewed for the Alcohol Free LIfe podcast (episode 192)

This study follows hot on the heels of one a few days ago which declared that alcohol in moderation is good for a healthy gut!

Aaagh!  These are the kinds of stories that kept me stuck for so long.

In the words of the great Catherine Gray:

‘Choosing a glass of wine for the health benefits is like eating a burger for the gherkin!’

If you really are a ‘moderate’ drinker, you won’t be reading those studies, (or this piece!), Alcohol won’t be a ‘thing’; for you. You may have the occasional sip, or glass twice a year, there will never be a sense of it ‘controlling’ you.  The majority of people who drink however, are not in that camp.  They find, over time that they ‘use’ alcohol to ‘soothe’ or stimulate, to relax after a long day, or escape strains and stresses, or literally drown their sorrows.  For them one isn’t usually enough, and any off switch they were sure they had probably dissipated with the first glug of the ‘toxic’ liquid.

Do your own research, and let me encourage you to look, not for the ‘alleged’ benefits of continuing to drink alcohol (which deep down you know is not supporting you), but rather to get excited about what life might look like without it.  Ask yourself: Could my life be better physically and emotionally without the booze?  If the answer is yes…go for it!

You gotta trust me on this one – Sobriety Rocks!

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