A few years ago I worked with US author and coach Cheryl Richardson when I was speaking at a Hay House conference – I am a massive fan of her book Extreme Selfcare.  Recently she wrote a blog post – The Hero’s Journey , she said during lockdown, she noticed a whole load of stuff that needed doing around the house, including washing the kitchen floor. This really resonated as I too have been telling myself off for all the stuff I haven’t got round to doing, including decluttering and deep cleaning the house. Somehow I just haven’t felt motivated.

She goes on to say that she had the realization that while yes, there’s plenty to be done in the outer world, ‘my inner world is the top priority right now. I need to rest more than I think I should’

Check out this next statement. Cheryl says;.

Blows to the emotional immune system take physical energy and we’ve all been knocked down. Not to mention the collective anxiety and fear that has infected each of us whether we realize it or not. After all, a virus that escaped a village in China has affected the world. It gives new, concrete meaning to “we are all connected. This realization helps to explain why some of the anxiety you feel isn’t yours. It belongs to the greater whole and it needs to be tended to with gentleness and care’

This is so true!, there is a collective fear, and it’s contagious, but what can do is balance it without another collective energy, that of love, kindness and compassion.

Cheryl suggests we ask ourselves these questions:

Who am I at this time in my life?
What do I value?
What have I lost?
What am I gaining?
What can I no longer tolerate?
What am I most afraid of? Why?
What promises have I broken to myself that need to be kept?
What do I need to heal and feel whole?
What new gifts or strengths do I have to offer the world?

If these unusual situations have taken your mojo away, or sent you right back to being triggered to drink again, to hammer the sugar, or whatever the issue is for you – really take time to answer these questions. Remember your big WHY, when you decided to ditch the booze. Ask yourself again

What promises have I broken to myself that need to be kept?

Ponder these questions as you walk in nature, lie flat on the earth, sit with your back resting against a tree, Remember to write in your journal, your thoughts and feeling and your lists of gratitude.

Cheryl’s last line is perfect:

The Soul needs your attention. The kitchen floor will wait!

Check out Cheryl Richardson’s work and grab a copy of Extreme Self-care Check out her Facebook Live called: Self Care and Your Relationships: How Not to Hurt Each Other. You can either watch it on the YouTube channel at CherylRichardsonTV.

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