Take some time for reflection this year, and choose your word for 2021 – what do you want to focus on?

Make 2021 the year that you choose to be Happy Healthy and Sober!
I’ve probably told you enough times by now! I am excited about the new book, not least because it contains whole host of experts offering their two-penneth on health and wellbeing. In addition to a 30 day challenge section, there is a huge section with a wealth of info on everything linked to optimum wellbeing including nutrition, fitness, yoga, meditation, creativity, relationships, NLP, hypnosis, kindness, sleep, menopause and of course what to drink when you are not drinking!

The ebook version of my book, Happy Healthy Sober – Ditch the booze and take control of your life, lets hope it inspires someone the way the books I read inspired me. You can pre-order it.(paperback is out in Feb)
Its choc full of advice and tips, there is a 30 day challenge if you’re starting out (or making any behaviour change) and masses of content on all aspects of holistic health and well being and I have some amazing experts who have contributed too, and a foreword by Denise Welch

 Here’s the link to pre-order 

I always find this exercise hard as I want SO many words, I am thinking of Gratitude, Flourish, Creativity, Authenticity, and many more, in fact I decided I might choose 21 words, as its 21 – right?

Whatever you do, set your goals and your vision, (creating a vision board is a fantastic idea) and do some kind of meditation to let go of the past energies that you no longer need, and welcome in a fresh new approach.

Keep your vibration high!

If you are a Sober Club member (or you’ve pre-ordered the ebook and sent me the reciept) you are welcome to join an exclusive coaching session on New Years day, with some NLP techniques around setting your intentions. We will start with a meditation and then look at what to focus on in 2021, its perfect if you are still sobercurious or if you have ditched the booze and while ago and are now ready to up-level your wellbeing and happiness

Happy Healthy Sober New Year!


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